Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We import rice although we are a rice-producing Country with rice-eating people.  We even import garlic, onions, etc., etc., while we have thousands of hectares of good soil to have them planted according to our needs.  But on the other hand, we export people.  We also export drugs.  And yet, we likewise import big gamblers.  We import apparently throwaway planes and downright rotting ships.  But yes again, we export women in person for the pleasure of amoral men, as we also export girls via the internet for the joy of sick and sickening lusting men around the globe.

Lately, as some kind of climax to our strong and consuming importation spirit and drive, we had the callousness to import even garbage.  Yes, rotting and rotten garbage from a foreign country.  So it is that as of now, it is not even certain that the Philippines would not actually become an importer of even sickness  to experiment with it and import cadavers even to bury in our land.  What a sick and weird thought!  But the way the Country is going and the manner public authorities are acting, there seems to be nothing unthinkable, nothing undoable.  Reason:  Money, money, and more money.  The health of the people – never mind.  The goodness of the soil – never mind.  The integrity of the people – never mind.

So it is that now we have nothing less than imported garbage in terms of some sizable 55 container vans from Canada.  The Canadians have garbage and they dislike it.  They even hate it and definitely want to get rid of it.  But to their big surprise and great joy, they found out that there is a strange Country – headed by a strange administration and controlled by strange individuals – where no less than big businessmen are also big importers of practically anything they can make money from.  And so it is that nothing less than Canadian garbage was in fact imported and accordingly kept until it could be surreptitiously buried somewhere,  somehow.  The germs it  will nurture and scatter in the soil and in the air, never mind.  The possible deaths it could cause, never mind.  The children it will infect and make sick, never mind.  The possible deaths it could cause, never mind.  After all, there is money and much money that will go from one pocket to another – among those directly and indirectly involved in the disgusting venture basically on account of avarice, covetousness.  Good will?  What on earth is that?

No.  The Canadians are not the culprits for having their own garbage, for hating their sight and smell, and for therefore wanting to dispose of it as much as possible, for desiring to get rid of it  the sooner the better.  And lo and behold!  There came to the fore certain individuals from the Philippines who signified their readiness to haul it – for a fee.  So it was that they eventually had the branded Canadian garbage loaded in big shipping containers, have it transported to a Philippine harbor, have it stored there no matter how long – until other individuals appeared ready to have it for burying here and there, likewise for a fee.

Meantime, the government  people concerned are still holding conferences on what to do with the imported garbage:  Who are the local public officials willing to welcome the garbage for a fee, have them buried in their localities for a fee and thereafter keep quiet for a fee.  Interesting!