Monday, July 13, 2015


It might not be simply in good order but also in the light of truth to warn politicians that they too are covered not only by ethics but also bound by their morals.  Admittedly, theirs are the authority, the power and the fame, plus the wealth in many cases.  But, woe to them if they would dare think that they are above the norm of what is right or wrong, what is virtuous or vicious.  And this brings to mind the following fundamental rules of thumb when they exercise their political office – specially so when they make their political options, when they affirm their pursuant political agenda.

Upon assumption of political power, it is not a secret that together with other legislative agenda, the MalacaƱang occupant already has the resolve to have three major political designs proposed and approved by the Legislature:  Population Control.  Divorce.  Same Sex Marriage.  It was not however foreseen then that the USA would strongly urge the Philippines with proper material and military initiatives to work out the BBL – after Population Control has already become a law under the camouflage title of “Reproductive Health Bill”.  So it is that with the BBL still pending, the said “Divorce” and “Same Sex Marriage” legislative agenda are now on deck.

It is not altogether unknown that the USA now has the “Same Sex Marriage” legislation which was passed basically for political reasons.  The US President has been losing political clout for some time.  The passage of the said law – with the support of his Political Party affiliates – ultimately means additional political support from a relatively big LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) American community.  And it is neither a secret that here in the Philippines, the Palace President is also gradually losing political clout.  So it is that the enactment of “Divorce” and “Same Sex Marriage” legislations could also be of significant help in favor of his political endorsements for the 2016 Elections.    

Having political clout through all possible means – without regard to what is ethically proper or improper, what is morally correct or incorrect – is the substance of making the end (political influence) justify the means(Divorce.  Same Sex Marriage).  And such is the peak of Political Amorality. Three quite relevant warnings then come to order:

First:  The MalacaƱang resident plus unconditional political allies might in fact ultimately earn more distrust and disgust from the people – voters included – with the endorsement and passage of such blatantly immoral legislations.  Second:  The above reminder is squarely premised on the fact that most Filipinos still know what is right or wrong, what is virtue or vice.  Third:  When those politicos who will affirm any and all political agenda for political advantage all grow old, become sick, lie dead, then what will they do, whom will they call, where will they go – considering how many people they have misled, how many individuals they have led astray.