Monday, June 08, 2015


Someone claims he wants to work for peace but is instead precisely sowing the seeds of war.  Somebody thinks he is dedicating himself to bringing about unity in the Country but is instead causing serious disunity therein.  The same individual – continuously fed by all kinds of egoistic dreams and futile visions by his well-cared for and much rewarded cohorts – is nurturing the dream of being some kind of a centerpiece figure in Philippine history for having officially worked for the emergence of truth, the resurgence of justice plus the reign of peace specifically in Mindanao.  Dream he always can – but ground reality is something else.

So it is that never mind when a good number of the people in Mindanao themselves are not exactly jumping for joy for the said vain desire and outlandish design of someone.  And so what if even well-known and respected legitimate public officials plus many royal native authorities in the said place are also contrary to somebody’s political gymnastics with ingrained individualist self-appreciation – if not actual delusion of the same that is more and more noted and abhorred.  While it is a pity for anyone to be pessimistic, it is neither healthy for someone to indulge in self-belief, self-appreciation, self-delusion.

Question:  Who does not want peace that saves lives, advances public welfare, promotes development?  Answer:  Only those who live by the guns they sleep with, who consider life as a cheap commodity, who are bored with the absence of violence.  Question:  Can peace be bought and how much?  Answer:  Yes, on the part of someone thinking that genuine and lasting peace has a price tag and he is not the one paying for it anyway.  Question:  What happens if the peace thus imagined is against some definite and defined provisions of the Constitution of the Land?  Answer:  Change it.

It is not hard to foresee that the detestable core of legacy of someone – irrespective of whether his contemplated and proposed Law is passed and approved or precisely stopped and rejected – will be substantially the same.  If approved, those who are not covered by the legislation and who are consequently neither ideologically included and/or not materially benefited, can be readily expected to express their big disgust and consequent mortal indignation.  If rejected, those who are looking forward to their self-governance as well as self-benefaction can and will certainly not only keep but also use their guns and ammunitions as a matter of course as they have long since done.

As if it is not enough for the one concerned to leave behind a legacy of incompetence and careless stance for the common tao – people who do not even have enough food to eat, do not have a real house to live in nor have a livelihood which is really life-giving.  As if it is not enough for the same to make graft and corrupt practices as nothing less than an institution, a tradition, a culture.  As if it is not enough for him to leave behind the now much known phenomenon of making people as a government business venture through the OFWs.  He still wants to leave continuous mortal disunity among the Filipinos.  Strange but true.