Monday, June 29, 2015


Through many official pronouncements made by the dying administration, through different second-the-motion by its well-paid surveys, all of them repeatedly and continuously sing one and the same song: The Philippines is now enjoying not simply any kind of economic growth but nothing less than a categorically “inclusive” one, and the Filipinos wherefore should be now convinced that it’s really “more fun in the Philippines”.

Never mind the families living by and sleeping on the sidewalks – whom a Department Head in fact exerted much deliberate effort to hide for some days from the sight of a visiting Guest.  Never mind the children begging in the streets, trying to sell withering flowers.  Never mind the so many number of people living under the bridges, by the canals, in pushcarts.  Never mind the women selling their bodies plus the children selling their nakedness in the internet.  The vanishing administration feels it has done so much for the people of the Philippines such that it is looking for successors who will continue its de facto pitiful and impoverishing rule.

More.  Never mind the trains – up and down – that run and stop every now and then as a matter of fact.  Never mind the roads that refuse to be repaired.  Never mind the abundance of flooding while drinking water is threatened to lessen if not vanish as a matter of course.  Never mind the cost of power that is on and off.  Never mind the imposition of taxes from birth to death.  Never mind the privatization of public utilities.  Never mind the ever increasing national debt.  Never mind the murderers, the rapists, the hold-uppers.  Never mind the thieves with and without uniforms, with and without honorable titles.

So it is that more than anything else, there is the repeatedly and loudly proclaimed “Inclusive Socio-Economic Development”.  If such were true, this should be but the concrete and palpable over-all effect of the main industries promoted, affirmed and confirmed by the on-the-way out administration – such as the following:

Filipinos as Export Commodities:  Never mind the dangers – practical slavery, fatal diseases, death sentences – of OFWs.  It’ OK to have families divided, separated.  What is really important is how much dollar remittances they send to the Philippines to keep the Country economically afloat.

Gambling Industry:  This is one big money-making industry – decidedly and continuously built by the amoral administration – patronized by local and foreign official gamblers, by big money launderers, gangsters not included.

Drug Manufacture:  This is practically an open secret – with the not really surprising revelation that no less than some 9 out of 10 Barangays are drug infested in terms of manufacture, distribution and/or use.

The above social diseases and national shame are foreseen to be the detestable legacy of the administration that is on its way out.  The in-coming one better not be but its devoted successor.