Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Thus a well-known and highly respected jurist  described – if not in fact defined – the political system in the Philippines.  If such a pitiful as well as painful reception of “who” are the politicians, “what” is politics, and “how” is political life in the Country were summed up by someone ignorant of Philippine politics and/or irresponsible in his expressions, then such a depreciation of local politics would not be that pitiful and painful, not that altogether disheartening and insulting.  To say that the people of the Philippines are governed and ruled by force of “Political Insanity” can be considered as the summit of their misfortune.

The said Philippine insanity in politics could in effect be caused by the following Filipino political shameful and painful misfortunes:

Big political parties differing but in names.
Their members are in substance the same in personal interests and dynastic preferences.  They differ but in political titles, colors, symbols.

Political candidates who know how to read and write.
Never mind the personality constitution and character make-up, competence, and integrity.  Popularity is enough.  Sanity and honesty – never mind.

Rule of guns, goons and gold particularly on the occasion of elections.
Well-funded by political candidates, they are the three “Gs” that kill, maul, buy electoral support, take advantage of the poor and the fearful.

Customary vote buying by political candidates.
Considering as a rule that poverty and freedom do not co-exist, poor people sell their votes to buy food, have some clothing,  continue living.

Standard cheating in vote-counting.
Those in-charge of having the vote cast and counted, instruct others and/or use machines that give them the wrong counts.

Institutionalized graft and corrupt practices in government.
Graft and corrupt practices have become synonymous with Philippine politics – through government officials from the local to the national levels.

Over-all power of the Executive Department in the use of public funds.
The Power of the Sword feels not only omniscient but also omnipotent.  Congress is at its beck and call.  The Judiciary is careful of its decisions.