Monday, June 01, 2015


The proclamation was loud and clear.  The declamation was impressive and delightful.  The oration was promising and inspiring.  That was then in 2010.  Thereafter, the much applauded peroration gradually but definitely proved to be a big delusion, an incarnate delirium.  So it is that now, the reality is the opposite, the contrary is the actuality.  The said previous heavenly promise slowly but surely became a bad joke, a big hallucination.  No wonder therefore that there is this and that cruel but true, funny though realistic expressions that are now and then heard from and read in certain media outlets.  There appears to be no deliberate intention of insulting, much less of belittling anyone.  Said expressions appear to be simply intended either to remind the Speaker of Malacañang to do something more and/or something right for public welfare or the common good of Filipinos here and now.

There is the bad joke though understandable in the sphere of actual realities that says:  “Matuid na daan patungo sa canal.”  Translation:  After much is officially committed and solemnly promised, the truth of the matter is that it is still the “Pork Barrel” i.e., the DAP, PDAP and other fringe benefits that really matter in the running of the government on the part of the Executive Department.  Sad but true, it is still public funds that sustain political interests, finance private good and/or promote dynastic welfare.

There is also another pitiful rendition of the same otherwise inspiring maxim that affirms:  “Sanga-sangang daan patungo kung saan-saan.”  Translation:  The administration is here and there and yet actually nowhere.  This simply means that the Executive Department in particular, acts according to what is convenient and popular,  focus there is none – such as the imperative of truth, the demands of justice and the reality of peace which is much more than mere personal appearances, nice speeches and impressive perorations.

There  is likewise the more recent version of the same otherwise endearing cheer that has now become a big joke:  “Daang tutuwad-tuwad”.  Translation:  It is the picture of someone who does not really know what to do as the Chief-in-Command, neither knows what is going on, what are the travails of the people, where is the Country going to, etc, etc.  Hence, this can be likened to  a compass that points where the wind blows and the like.  There is nothing like a leader who, having no right and proper direction to follow, runs in circles like a dog running after his tail.

What a pity that the “Daang Matuid” has become the verbal symbol of the contrary reality as above said, repeated allegations to the contrary notwithstanding.  The worsening poverty notwithstanding all Surveys to the contrary, criminality of all kinds 24/7, the widening local manufacture of illegal drugs for distribution locally as well as for export to other countries, the building of more and more big and impressive casinos plus the nonchalance towards various forms of illegal gambling all over the land, public transportation that do not transport, streets that become common scenes of slaughter, the collection of direct, indirect, redirect, etc., etc. taxes from the beginning to the end of one’s life.  “Daang matuid”?  Come on!