Friday, June 05, 2015


No.  This is definitely not about any business corporation with unlimited capitalists funding it, with unlimited incorporators managing it and other unlimited features.  Yes.  This is about something that brings about unlimited issues, unlimited difficulties, unlimited contradictories – irrespective  of whether  BBL is approved or disapproved by the Legislative Department, confirmed or rejected by the Judicial Department.  The supposedly Basic Law can readily be the cause of otherwise law-abiding people going lawless.  And this is a big predicament for this Country which is now in fact under threat from within and without.

This is in effect saying that the present administration under the baton of the incumbent Malacañang  occupant with its obedient and even subservient allies in the Executive Department, has formally started a big socio-political predicament in the Country – something  that will continue to haunt the peace and tranquility of People of the Philippines even after the same public official is long gone from the sight and attention of the general public in the post-May 2016 era.  Instead of bringing about a solution, exactly the same Chief-in-Command is instead leaving behind the legacy of confusion and pursuant dissention.

Once approved by the Legislature and affirmed by the Judiciary, considering that the BBL covers but a small portion of both the people and the land of Mindanao, anything and many things can happen through one after another disconcerting or even dissenting initiatives of those not benefited by it – specially so when their interests and concerns, their common good or public welfare are in effect undermined by the Law.  In other words and saying it from the heart, BBL spells neither definitive unity nor defining peace.  The standing fact is even now during its politico-constitutional evaluation, both loud pro and anti BBL are already being heard repeatedly, here and there.

When disapproved by the Legislative and thus silencing the Judiciary, taking into account that those avidly proposing and endorsing it from within the Philippines as well as from another Country – who are not exactly known as promoters of public harmony and much less are they looked upon as moderates – to expect but their submission or acquiescence to such a disapproval is but a dream.  They are not exactly “Fighters” for peace.  They do not manufacture, own and carry guns and ammunitions just for picture-taking.  What they say, they do.  And what they have, they use.

What a serious  and dangerous  national predicament this present administration has brought about and is leaving behind to the fear and uncertainty of the people in terms of the BBL – in addition to the “Pork Barrel” institution, the redefinition of “Savings”, the example of being “Busy” while doing nothing, etc., etc.  what is more strange is hearing someone behind all the above hullabaloo – and more – repeatedly saying that he wants a successor who will continue what he has done, come May 2016!  This is hallucination – to say the least!