Wednesday, May 27, 2015


It is not  a secret that the Philippines has one government after another filled up with public officials – specially in the legislative and executive departments from the local, to the regional up to the national – many of whom are either incompetent or self-serving, insensitive or infamous, dishonest or downright corrupt – or all of the said shameful personal traits combined.  The over-all result of such socio-political misfortune for the majority of the people of the Philippines is not a secret:  Widespread poverty and misery even.  Discontent and disgust as well.  Resentment and anger too.  Hopelessness or downright despair.  So it is that as the big majority of politicos are holding power and might, are wallowing in wealth and luxury, most of the Filipinos are finding it hard to have enough food to eat and clothing to wear, to fund a good education for their children.

It is said that in a real democracy, the Country is the people and the people makes the country as the holders of sovereignty.  While this is not only inspiring but also poetic, it is experience confirmatory of the ground reality that it is the government itself that builds or destroys the Country, that serves or takes advantage of the people.  No.  This is in no way meant to say that the people are free to do nothing for the good of their Country, for their own good as well.  It simply intended to emphasize the living truth that the government – filled up and run by key public officials elected by the people as but their representatives – either serves or enslaves the citizens themselves. Though it is sad to say and probably even harder to accept, the Filipinos in general are at the mercy of their government – run by public officials majority of whom are incompetent, dishonest, hedonists.  There are three basic wants mandated by both reason and ethics to make the Philippines a better Country, to make the Filipinos somehow a blessed people as well:

Wanted: Able Candidates
No to candidates who only know how to read and write, who are but wallowing in popularity, who simply have money to buy votes with.  Their competence and industry, honesty and veracity are very much needed.

Wanted: Wise Voters
No to voters who are gullible, who vote for whosoever is around, who sell their votes even.  Let them remember that their votes are no less precious, no less valuable than those made by the rich, the famous and powerful.

Wanted:  Trustworthy Comelec
Please:  No more Comelec officials who are tarnished in their integrity and credibility, who preserve and nurture political ties.  No more to Counting Machines that do not count or that give wrong (magical) counts.

Are the above desiderate all but a dream?!