Monday, May 25, 2015


The Country is besieged by revolting forces from within and coveted by foreign claimants from the outside.  And so it is that the Philippines is a nation divided from within and without. The government is long since disabled in leadership as well as since then saddled by inept  and/or corrupt public officials.  The national economy has always been much less in needed growth notwithstanding all repeated surveys made and every official positive proclamations made to the contrary.  So it is that a big number of Filipinos have barely anything to eat as well as barely find places to sleep, to live.

The phenomenon of OFWs alone already loudly proclaims the following pitiful and detestable local over-all socio-economic miseries in the Country; Fathers live their families behind to seek and hopefully find work abroad, especially in the Middle East – all dangers to their lives and limbs notwithstanding.  Mothers leave their children behind for the purpose of finding employment of practically any kind – even with their womanhood in danger – with their children growing without maternal care.  So many children are desirous of going to school – but schools there are not enough.  They may have been given some bags and notebooks – but they usually do not have enough food to eat regularly.  So it is that as they grow in age, in wisdom they do not.  And even if they eventually manage to study this or that  “non-formal” education course, decent work or real employment they could rarely find.  So it is that they become candidates for lamentable, tedious if not hideous or even dangerous work abroad.

And who is not aware of criminality in the Philippines as practically a way of life.  Killing here and there, nonchalant stealing from homes, establishments, hold-ups at night and during the day, illegal drug manufacturing and sale unlimited, violations of women and children, rapes well-included – all these many different and standing gross misdeeds well known to those in tenure of public authority, are so common and standard.  Yet on and on they go – all official loud proclamations and fervent affirmations to the contrary.

This is to say nothing about the so-called “Public Utilities” – such as gas, electricity, roads and railways “up” and “down” – that are by and large paid for by the people’s hard-earned money and yet, they are made the source of taxes exacted by the government.  For those miserable people without the money to pay for such supposedly public funded utilities, let them but stare and wish – if not lament and say bad words.  And this is neither to saying anything  about the collection of taxes for anything (except the air that blows and the rains that fall) from practically anyone (consuming infants, boys, girls, men, women, young and the elderly included).

All the above mentioned tragic and lamentable facts notwithstanding, despite the innumerable basically needed and standing public agenda left shamefully unattended to and wherefore lamentably undone by this government, it has recently came with the great vision and resolve to change the name of an expressway from NLEX to “CAEX”!!! Something is definitely not funny but deplorable in this vain venture.