Friday, May 08, 2015


Man, woman, child/children – this is the constitutive tripod of a duly established and fully consummated Marriage Covenant – along the line of a Blood Compact.  Adult male and female  heterosexuality, generative union, offspring – these are the natural features of the Marriage Vow.  Fidelity, permanency, mutuality – these are the qualifying features of the Marriage Bond.  That is why marriage is not for an old juvenile, neither for those with personality disorder, not for those afflicted with psychological impairment such that they are incapacitated to really assume and actually fulfill the obligations essential to the Marriage Institution.  So it is that the fundamental truth of the matter is that marriage is not just a “Contract” along the line of buying and selling, using and paying and many other but contractual ventures among individuals.

In these so-called “modern” times affecting all races, colors and creeds, there is not only a diversity but also contradictory ways of understanding marriage – even various and different means of going through it and living it.  There are those who do not subscribe to the permanency of marriage.  There are others who do  not even believe in marriage.  There are even people who believe and accordingly practice that one man equals two or more women.  This is the living picture of the so-called “extended family” contrary to the standard “nuclear family” composed of one father, one mother plus the children they have given life to and give care too.

Plain Cohabitation only as long as desired.  Unlimited Divorces and Remarriages.  Temporary and Renewable Marriage Contracts.  Same Sex Marriages.  Group Marriages.  These  are some of the more common and so-called updated and modern ways of  understanding, practicing, living marriage.  Needless to say, the first and lasting victims of such unorthodox phenomena are the children born therefrom – which is precisely why the birth of children is usually avoided from taking place in such man/men-and-woman/women various arrangements – usually done through Birth Control pills and rubbers, Tubal Ligature, Vasectomy, Abortion-Withdrawal well included.  It would be the height of hypocrisy to say that those involved in such amoral unions and vicious practices are responsible, respectable, and honorable individuals.

So it is that the present administration with its well-rewarded political allies are now openly and earnestly moving for a Divorce Legislation in this Country.  They are ashamed – instead of being proud – that the Philippines is one country the world over without divorce.   Broken families, broken men and women plus broken children – these they would rather have.  “No Fault Divorce” – this is what they in effect are yearning to have, to experience.  Hence come the questions:  How many divorces may one have?  How many broken families may one leave behind?  How many children could a father and/or a mother turn their backs to?

Thank God there is no divorce in the Country!  This is something to be proud of!  This is a phenomenon worth celebrating!  Mabuhay!