Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Will divorce be really in accord with the stand and spirit of the State Policy, Sec.12, that provides that the State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall even protect the family as a basic and autonomic social institution?

Will divorce really be pursuant to the principle and intent of Art. 1 of the Family Code of the Philippines that considers marriage as a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman?

Will it really stand to the test of reality and the rigor of truth to claim that divorce is in fact the same as Marriage Nullity Declaration as well as Marriage Annulment now already provided by the same Family Code?

Will it be consonant with the dictates of reason and the principles of justice to reward with divorce or freedom to remarry not only the victim of a marriage failure but also the culprit thereof?

Will the divorce proponents like to say how many marriages may someone break, how many divorces may the same have, how many homes may one destroy, how many children may a father/mother hurt?

Will the authors of a Divorce Law want to ascertain that physical violence, marital infidelity and/or conjugal abandonment would in effect be avoided in order to prevent divorce?

Will the divorce advocates not want to accept that the said violence, infidelity and/or abandonment could be in fact intentionally designed and acted upon precisely in order to obtain divorce?

Will it be according to reason and logic to have divorce in the Country because either Marriage Nullity Declaration and/or Marriage Annulment is costly to initiate and costlier in fact to obtain?

Will it be right and proper in ground reality to claim that a Divorce Legislation  is the last recourse to free couples from “impossible” marriages as well as to free children therefrom?

Will it be realistic after all to change the Marriage Vows to “until we get tired of one another, until we no longer want each other, until either of us find somebody else younger, more fresh, more desirable” – or the like?

Will it be disrespectful to ask why the present administration and its obedient political followers are much preoccupied with separating couples in difficulty instead of instituting moves to solidify their Conjugal Covenant?

Will it be right to claim that by reason of “Separation of Church and State”, the former has nothing to do with what the latter wants such as Population Control, Divorce Law, Same Sex Marriage?