Friday, May 22, 2015


Section 1:  The Philippines is a democratic and republican State.  Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from the people. (1987 Philippine Constitution, Art. 2, Sec. 1)

To this date and time, there are still certain individuals  who think and in fact experience that the Philippines is an aristocratic and dynastic State, and that sovereignty resides in the wealthy and the powerful wherefrom government authority in effect emanates.  So is it that while the Philippines is a noble Country and the Filipino people are an honorable citizenry, the living reality however is that the Filipinos have a markedly pro-self government plus a salient pro-dynastic public officials.  So it is that while the “Declaration” of a Principle from the Philippine Constitution itself as above-cited is both noble and ennobling, the truth however in ground reality is exactly its living opposite – a contradiction incarnate.

In no way does it mean that the Philippines is a forever doomed Country, that the government is a permanently damaged entity, that the Filipinos are forever a condemned people.  But the sad truth is that the present government with its erratic functions and sickening options – like decimating the Country in favor of warlords, taxing its citizens from the womb to the tomb, selling public utilities to downright business enterprises, worshipping foreign investments, and other anti-Filipino agenda, rests under the corrupt and corrupting command of majority of infamous public officials who are not really elected by the sovereign citizens.  Instead they are holding public offices, enjoying their perks and filling their bank accounts here and abroad, for having shamefully cheated in the elections through their highly paid minions.

Remember the 2010 and 2013 PCOS fiascos.  Look out for the 2016 HOCUS PICOS!

One thing is certain.  If sovereignty really resides in the people and government authority truly emanates from the people, how come the Filipinos have a government that is not only incompetent but also corrupt?  How come majority of their public officials from the local, the regional and up to the national level are pro-selves and wherefore self-serving?  Answer:  First, the Filipinos allowed themselves to be cheated in the election such that their votes for their chosen candidates are in fact counted in favor of others.  Second, the People however acted as if they were blind, deaf and  dumb.  Third, the Citizens of the Philippines are definitely not sovereign, even but taking to account the dominion of the infamous trio of “Guns, Goons and Gold” in the Country, specially so during elections.

Given the above observations, the People of the Philippines who have the sovereignty in the Country and from whom all government authority emanates, better wake up, stand up, and be counted for a really clean and truly honest 2016 elections – watching out in particular on how their votes will be counted.  Otherwise…