Friday, May 15, 2015


In formal and informal talks, in media and general public addresses, before, during,  and after  State of the Nation Addresses, specially in conferences delivered before foreign audiences, the present Malacañang resident – ignorantly or deliberately, jokingly or seriously, incompetently or decidedly – makes repeated claims of the big and fast economic development taking place all over the Country resulting in the eradication of poverty and other magical economic advancements all over the Land.  What remain interestingly unsaid are the following:

The biggest business of the government is the People of the Philippines – men, women and young individuals – who are sent abroad as OFWs, who earn their living even in the midst of mortal danger and who send their dollar remittances to the Country.  Never mind if they are imprisoned for one crime or another – whipped or killed even unless “blood money” is paid.

Another emerging truly profitable business in the Country is the manufacture, distribution and sale of prohibited drugs not only for local use but to the extent that the same deadly items even become export quality products – such as through more and more so-called local and foreign “Drug Mules” on their own initiative or though innocent carriers.

And there is the detestable and shameful already established plus still being enlarged Gambling Industry – frequented by local criminals and foreign gangsters, money launderers included.  Until this present administration is done away fast, unless the in-coming public officials are really for public service for the common good, Philippine Las Vegas is coming to fore.

Strange but true, there are indications to the effect that this administration with its subservient administrative KKK members, its questionable partisan political allies plus certain subservient judicial figures, also strangely and pitifully equates “Economic Development” with the number of bars around plus “entertainment”  districts in place plus women and young girls “for sale”.  There is the fact of “development” in all these.  There is the undeniable “economic” reality in all these.

Never mind public utilities people pay for.  Never mind a transport system that does not work.  Never mind garbage all over the place.  Never mind men, women and children begging in the streets.  Never mind families sleeping at the sidewalks, living by the canals, having illiterate children.  So what if the number of criminals is not only the same but even becoming more.  So what if thieves rob houses, steal from supermarkets.  It is alright if boys snatch and run away with the bags – money, cellphone, jewelries – of old and young women alike.  All these are big signs of “Economic Development”.

But most of all, so what if continuous big graft and huge corrupt practices are practically everywhere – particularly in government-owned and controlled corporations – not to mention the now infamous and nauseating DAP and PDAF fiasco.  These are but signs of “Economic Development”.