Wednesday, May 20, 2015


In the layman’s world of simple people living simple lives, it is somehow common knowledge and experience that there are depressive episodes that come to fore every now and then in practically all ordinary individuals experiencing “bad”, “sad” and/or undergoing “trying” times.  And this attitudinal posture and/or behavioral disposition are quite normal. Hence, there is something wrong when someone is jumping for joy or crying with sadness all the time.  Such can be anything but the usual, the normal, the ordinary as are mental health is taken into account.

In the world of behavioral sciences, there is the so-known and so-called “Depressive Personality Disorder” that is a psychological affective maladjustment already appended to the socio-emotive constitution itself of the individual concerned.  In other words, it is one thing for someone to have but episodes  of “Depression” every now and then – and quite different  for somebody to suffer from downright “Depressive Personality Disorder”.  Again, while the former is still ordinary, normal, the latter is already odd, disturbing or downright abnormal.

It is said that the standard behavioral symptoms of the “Depression” per se if not a downright “Depressive Personality Disorder” are the following - with their respective translation in everyday language:

a.  Psychomotor retardation”.
Translation: this means late reaction if not no reaction at all to a given action of someone or to a stimulus from something.

b.  “Slowed Gait and activity”.
Translation:  This has reference to late initiatives or delayed behavior contrary to the usual action plus reaction pairing.

c.  “Lack of initiative”.
Translation:  This bears clear relevance to the absence of self-moves that gives the impression or marked laziness or indolence.

d.  “Melancholia”.
Translation:  This is substantially the same as profound loneliness or marked lonesomeness usually generated by the feeling of abandonment.

e.  “Fatigue”.
Translation:  This is feeling tired while having done nothing really for someone to thus feel and accordingly behave.

f.  “Lack of self-confidence”.
Translation:  This has reference to an individual who feels he is good for nothing, he is not meant for anything significant, worthwhile.

g.  “Lack of sexual interest”.
(No need to explain)