Monday, May 04, 2015


A good number of people were much disturbed lately on account of a Filipina OFW who was sentenced to death for allegedly having been a drug courier into a country where the punishment for such a misdeed is downright execution through firing squad.  There were those who decidedly encamped right in front of the embassy of the country concerned, asking for the release of the woman under the penalty of death – considering her perceived innocence.  There were also those who staged demonstrations for the same reason which were held in the province where the woman is from.  There was one thing in common in the said many protest actions in different places, viz., prayers were said, candles were lighted.  And the outcome of all such dissenting ventures and recourse to prayer was exhilarating:  The execution was officially postponed basically in order to establish for certain, the justification of her death penalty.

 But then, there emerged once again some individuals in this Country, a certain group in particular, that are shouting up to now the old song of reviving the Death Penalty Law in this Country.  Their thesis in plain words is the following:  There are so many crimes committed day and night.  There are so many criminals enjoying life.  There are numerous victims of criminals.  Solution:  Revive and impose the Death Penalty Law!  Perhaps – just perhaps – for one reason or another – the advocates of Death Penalty:

Forget or want to forget the rational mandate, the ethical norm, “You shall not kill.”  he gross violation of this long-standing elementary, societal observance is done by criminals, by individuals without remorse, by mentally- deranged persons – Death Penalty advocates included.

Ignore the truth that the State – no matter how sovereign, superior or even supreme it is – has not given any life to any of its citizens.  Such being the elementary truth, the State has neither any right to kill any of them under whatever pretext, any justification of any kind.

Do not want to accept the glaring fact that instead of such a hideous terminal option of Death Penalty, there are three basic agenda in the Country to respond to criminal-minded individuals, anti-social personalities and gross enemies of peace and order:

a.  See to it  that the Law Enforcers know the law, impose this and follow them up for their proper implementation.  The so-called “Lagay System” is a big offense even to elementary good manners and right conduct.

b.  Make the Justice System really work for the emergence of truth, the rule of law, the reign of peace.  Do away with the accepted maxim that the wealthy and the powerful are over and above what is right and just.

c.  Have prisons that serve their purpose such as to keep culprits away from society, to rehabilitate their thinking and actions.  Please – no more prisons or correctional where vices, entertainment  and good times are the rules.