Friday, May 29, 2015


A child comes into the world with the consummate union of his/her father and mother.  So it is that in every child, there is a piece of his/her father and a chip of his/her mother.  Together, they are  in the person of their child.  In other words, it is a man and a woman whose corporal communion brings about a child.  So is it that every child has a part of his/her mother and father in his/her person.  And so it is that every child craves for the love of the mother plus the care of the father for his/her integral growth as someone with a body and a spirit, with a mind and a will.

In fact, it can be said that the reality of father-mother-child makes some kind of an inseparable trinity – a standard though very profound reality.  With no father, there can be no child, there can be no mother.  So it is that neither can there be a child with no mother and no father.  The three of them make such a profound and intimate triune unity that makes the phenomenon and wonder along the well-known cheer:  “All for one.  One for all.”   So it is that the trio is gone even if only one of the three is in fact gone.

So it is that a child with the mother but with a father gone, or with the father but with a mother gone – for the right or wrong reason – is always a great loss and trauma for the child.  The more so it is when the child is left alone – with neither loving mother nor caring father.  And talking about Human Rights, it is the  fundamental and singular right of a child to have a mother to love her/him plus a father to care for him/her.  Translation:  The man plus the woman who brought a child to life, likewise have the fundamental obligation to love and care for the latter.  Otherwise, all of them are losers – the child in particular.

So is it that irrespective of the cause or reason of the separation of the mother and father from the child, there is one sure and ultimate loser – the child.  So it is too that irrespective of whether the mother and father are married or not for one reason or another, married but separated for the right or wrong cause, it is the child who is the ultimate victim.  The father and/or mother may be happy or sad – but the child is infallibly at a loss.  The fact is that the words “Mama” and “Papa”“Tatay” and “Nanay” – have very profound meaning and implications of endearment for a child.  They are terms oozing with affection and filled with relational profundity.

So it is that God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  So it is too that the Holy Family is Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  And so it should be that a child includes the fact of a father and the reality of a mother.

How detestable, shameful and pitiful that the government has fathers and mothers as its very profitable business enterprise as OFWs.  Remember the then FLOR CONTEMPLACION!  Behold the now MARY JANE VELOSO!