Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Given the way a good number of public officials – from the local to the national levels – not only indulge themselves in attending to their own self-service and in building their family welfare, not only in protecting but even in promoting their partisan political interests, and considering their indolence and even downright incompetence, it is evident that this Country needs an equally good number of industrious and able, specially honest and trustworthy politicians.  In the latter’s absence, it becomes understandable that the Filipinos will continue to wallow not only in poverty but also in misery, not simply live in destitution but also fall in despair.

And it is quite predictable that the people in general could easily rise up in exasperation and anger – without talking about another “EDSA” or something the like.  It is understandable then that one “Survey”  after another, reveals the progressive dissatisfaction of the general public – specially as far as their supposedly Superior General or General-in-Command  is concerned.  He talks big but delivers little.  He speaks of vision but is short-sighted.  And the worst part of it all is that he thinks, speaks and acts as if he were infallible.

Public utilities now nonchalantly operate as private enterprises.  Public highways are made to earn much from their users as a matter of course.  Not only electricity but also water are money-making businesses.  And there are not only direct but also indirect taxes paid when buying and paying for practically anything – from cradles to coffins.  This is not to mention the so-called “Sin Taxes” for drinking one’s problems away, for smoking to forget one’s hunger even for a short time.  So it was that even in the very old times, Caesar” already got what belonged to him as well as what belonged to others.  And so it is that even in those very distant times, the “Tax Collectors” were anything but endearing.

The so-called modern “Chain of Taxes”  is both a wonder and a curse:  A small can of sardines is taxed for the fish therein, for the tin-can used to contain it, for the manufacturing expenses to make it, for the transportation charges, for the electricity used in the public as well as supermarkets, for the gains of the capital investment, for the profit of the seller, etc. etc.  Question:  Where is all that money continuously and mercilessly collected by the government?  Where is all that earnestly and forcefully accumulated money supposedly intended for public welfare, for the common good?  Where is the money? How much went to infrastructures and how much went to the private accounts of rather infamous public officials?      

In the event that the elections would take place in 2016, in the event that the Philippines is still made up of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, in the event that the poor could afford not to sell their votes, and in the event that all the votes cast will be duly counted, then, all you competent, trustworthy and industrious individuals – with the required constitutional attributions plus sound personality traits – please become candidates for public offices.  PLEASE!