Wednesday, April 01, 2015


At the outset, let it be expressly stated and definitively affirmed that every human person is unique, singular, unrepeatable. This means that: First, every human person is someone whose categorical particulars are definite and defining of itself alone such that they are not shared with any other human person. Second, a human person is one and alone in its constitution and consequent being so that there it has no duplicate of any kind or any carbon copy at any given time, in any given place. Third, that a human person consumes its own self-identity in the sense that there can be nothing exactly like it anywhere, in any way. Conclusion: Every human person is thus a unique, singular, and unrepeatable individual. Every human person is wherefore intrinsically invaluable – for its singularity and uniqueness among other major reasons.

Man exists as capable of self-understanding, self-possession and self-determination. This rather complex as well as unique qualifying attributions of man as a human person are such that every man in his constitution as a human person cannot but be treated with profound deference and special concern – by other human persons, by human society as a whole, by the government and the State itself. It is really cruel, sad and lamentable when a human person is instead precisely mistreated and even trampled upon by other human persons, by human society of which the same is a constituent member, by the government, by the State whose nature and finality are precisely meant to serve the former. The reality of the matter is that when a human person is violated by another human person, this violator in effect belittles, undermines, despises itself. Reason: If someone may victimize another, why can't the former be not likewise victimized by everybody else?

In fact, as rightfully said, it is not intellect, consciousness and freedom that define the human person, rather, it is the human person who is the basis of the acts of intellect, consciousness and freedom. But even without a functional intellect, with the loss of consciousness and/or the denial of freedom, the human person remains with his innate personhood, his intrinsic humanity and consequent dignity. This signal reality proclaims and insists on respect for every human person on the part of everybody else plus due deference to the same, particularly by social and political institutions.

Given the who and the what of the human person, considering his intrinsic nature and essential attributions, the following principle of action is well founded and easily understandable: A just society can become a reality only when it is based on the respect of the transcendental dignity of the human person. It may not be otherwise. Reason: The human person represents the ultimate end of society which is precisely ordered for the good and welfare of every person. Woe therefore to anybody, any government, any ideology that trample upon any human person – his human rights, his human dignity.