Monday, April 20, 2015


Truth is reality.  Truth is actuality.  Truth is factuality.  It says what someone or something is, and what the same is not.  Falsehood says what someone or something really is not.  Lie forwards but deception, productive of distortion, causative of falsification.  Truth affirms what is just, counters what is unjust.  As truth liberates, falsehood chains, locks, shackles the peddler of lies.  This is why it is said and rightly so, that “The truth shall set you free,” while a lie places the liar in shackles.

And this is why truth cannot be at the side of those who engage in hypocrisy, those who indulge in thievery, those who wallow in criminal acts.  And this is why even children are taught to tell the truth.  And woe to adults who are liars.  That is why one lie requires another lie, and another lie, until the liar is caught up in a chain of lies.  As a rule, it can be said that nothing less than experience affirms that no lie stands alone as it needs and demands other lies in its attempt to appear as the truth.

It is interesting to note and remember that truth seems to have a life of its own.  In other words, while liars  may take their lies to their graves, sooner or later, the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – reveals itself to those left behind.  So it is said:  Hide truth.  Cover up the truth. Bury the truth.  But lo and behold, sooner or later it finds ways and means to reveal itself and expose the lie, to free itself and reveal the liar.  This is why not so long ago, someone said and rightly so:  “Liars:  Beware of truth!”

In more ways than one, lie is a necessary ingredient of graft and corrupt practices in government as well as of cheating and deceiving in private enterprises – not to mention swindling neighbors, double-crossing friends.  Reason:  All the said offenses are premised on lies.  And the one and only test of the worth and merit  of the Judicial System as a whole is if it searches for  and finds the truth in the heaps of lies and deceptions.  So it is said, and rightly so:  “In the absence of truth, there is no justice.”      

All the above bring to mind not only the infamous phenomenon of the so-called “hocus-pocus” in the COMELEC, the big magical practices in CUSTOMS, the fatty “Pork Barrel” – under different names and forms – in the LEGISLATURE, etc., etc., etc., the common denominator of all which are lies after lies after lies.  While all these big and numerous lies can remain for now, time will surely come – such as after 2016 – when the truth will uncover them all in their naked realities.

And the now infamous as well as odious MAMASAPANO MASSACRE is still wallowing  in lies after lies.  Why did it happen at all?  What made it take place?  Who is ultimately responsible for it?  After so many hearings and inquiries and reports – plus more to come – the truth is not yet known because lies are still in command of the hideous event.

And this is saying absolutely nothing about the BBL.