Friday, April 10, 2015


If politics in the Country is not really hopeless, neither is it by and large blameless.  And while there are some politicians in the Philippines who are still honest, trustworthy and competent, many are downright national liabilities and local impediments to the emergence of truth, the rule of justice, the reign of peace.  Hereunder are some of the downright negative glaring features of the now obtaining Philippine Political Scene:

1.  The constitutional principle of the Separation of Powers among the three Branches of Government is easily set aside by politico-reciprocal advantages, specially through the misuse and abuse of public funds.

2.  The Executive Department successfully and delightfully collaborates with its many political cohorts in Congress in the passage of its pet projects – a given phenomenon that is not wanting in generous grants from the former.

3.  The interests of some well-identified politically powerful families and the few avaricious rich clans are nonchalantly pitied against the common good and public welfare of multi-million poor and helpless citizens.

4.  The fundamental ethical norm of the  equal application of the law specially in view of the administration of justice in response to even hideous crimes are markedly jeopardized on account of political considerations.

5.  There is practically no public accountability of the big resources plus the overwhelming gains of government-owned corporations headed by political protégées, specially in luxurious gambling corporations.

6.  The Electoral Process has become systematically subverted by those in tenure of political power such that after everything worthwhile is claimed to have been allegedly corrected, political dynasties still retain their rule.

7.  The reality remains that if even to these times, the Philippine Political Scene is anything but acceptable to have and live with, then there is a need to have a good look at our Political Culture that can be rightfully considered as the basic cause of the above-described Political Scene.

In more ways than one, all the above-mentioned lamentable political factors plus their accompanying detestable political products in terms of self-serving political figures are inextricably connected with the poverty-stricken economic standing of the Philippines that in turn necessarily brings about the miserable social standing of a big number of Filipinos.

As the demonic saying goes on the part of certain powerful, happy and contented politicians:  “Keep the people miserable and we remain untouchable.”  In response thereto, may impoverished and pitiful citizens declare:  “We allowed you to go up.  We can also eventually bring you down.”