Monday, April 27, 2015


What is intended to promote unity and harmony in the Country, is precisely dividing the people in general.  What is envisioned to bring about peace and progress in Mindanao is not exactly making people in Mindanao jump for joy, neither pacifying the fears nor resolving the reservations of the people in Luzon and in the Visayas.  Thus stands the enigma of the BBL proudly promoted by the present administration and fervently affirmed by its well-rewarded supporters.

It is anything but a secret that in Mindanao itself, there are non-friendly groupings such as the well-known MNLF, the fearsome ASG, the dangerous BIFF plus apparently other newly-emerging militant groupings – in addition to MILF that precisely pushed the MNLF aside with the support and patronage of the incumbent administration.  The above-said major groupings may not be exactly warring factions among themselves whereas one apparently simply comes from another – as a mother gives birth to a child.  One thing however is definitely certain, viz., there is more than but one armed group in Mindanao other than the MILF that has come to fore recently although the MILF remains the centerpiece of the BBL.

So arise some reasonable questions as the following:  How come the ruling administration is trying to forge an agreement with but the MILF?  Are other said gun-owning and toting  groups expected to but humbly submit to the BBL MILF in the event that the latter rule in Mindanao with the patronage of the reigning administration?  Will there really be peace in Mindanao when most of the people there are neither Muslims nor exactly MILF constituents or sympathizers?  In other words and in the sphere of ground realities, is the BBL really the way to justice, peace and development in Mindanao?

It is a matter of record that the BBL envisioned blessed phenomenon was precisely accompanied by the SAF manslaughter that took place precisely with the deadly participation of some MILF and BIFF members.  This is interesting – if not actually disgusting:  Talking about peace here with killings going on at the same time somewhere.  No wonder then that although the administration tries to lord it over, the legislators however are markedly divided on the pro and contra of the BBL – while the justices are on the watch about its constitutionality they will certainly be asked to pronounce upon in due time.  Meantime, Mindanao is anything but in peace long since and up to now.

There is another nagging question – after the 2016 elections.  If and when the BBL were eventually approved by all the branches of the Philippine government, if and when the coveted Peace Prize is eventually obtained by someone at all costs, what happens next?  Will the in-coming administration continue to support and promote the BBL?  Will there be true and lasting peace in Mindanao?  Will this Region be an example of social harmony plus its accompanying socio-economic development?  Interesting!