Wednesday, April 15, 2015


That there are more and more people becoming not simply disappointed but in fact disgusted with what is painfully happening in the Country – specially in conjunction with the Mindanao debacle on account of the lamentable and thereby alienating incompetence  of the national leadership, all defensive allegations of its well-rewarded political advocates notwithstanding.  This sickening and saddening phenomenon is anything but a secret.  Even those who can no longer afford to buy newspapers and who have to content themselves by simply listening to a good number of radio broadcasts 24/7 know and feel the said marked leadership liability.

So is it that there are consequently more and more voices raised and heard ardently calling for the Commander-in-Chief – who does not even seem to really know what is a “Commander” and who is the “Chief” – to please go away or resign from Office, to leave the Palace or disappear.  Such is the on-going more and more popular sentiment – be this right or wrong.  It is wherefore well-understandable that the same highest-ranking national public official recently got the lowest-ranking national approval rating for his performance.  It is thus well said: So sad yet so true.”

There is a rather well-known saying:  “You can fool some people some of the time but not  all the people all the time.”  This maxim is a long-proven truth.  Now, the same proves to be a living reality on the occasion of the reign of the present MalacaƱang occupant.  Prior to the official start of exalted Office, there was some kind of a euphoria felt and noted  all over the land.  His parental lineage was then well-advertised, well-known for many perceived attributions – wealth and influence included  that very well fitted the basic demands for political candidacy.  He made the distinction of having voided the then many and continuous on-going debates among the presidential candidates – apparently considering them as below his family nobility plus patrician persona.

But lo and behold, the moment he took his Oath of Office after winning the elections, he did one distinct puerile act plus one unforgettable peroration.  He made his Oath of Office before someone of his personal preference – strangely deviating from the standard observance of doing it before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  And he thereafter dramatically and loudly shouted the now famous – or infamous – fervent declamation before the general public:  “Kayo ang boss ko.  Hindi maaaring hindi ko sundin ang mga utos ninyo.”  Wow!  The people took him seriously.  They clapped their hands long and loud.  But now, they know much better.

The fact is that not really long thereafter, there was the infamous  “Luneta Hostage Crisis”  that took place – the first hideous massacre of foreign tourists.  They were all mercilessly shot dead.  The tourist bus was callously burned.  Their corpses were eventually brought back to their homeland.  No apology of any kind, in any way was made by the Chief-in-Command.  When someone considers himself not only supreme but also above even but good manners and right conduct, this can be anything but a good sign.  This was already an ominous signal there and then.