Friday, April 17, 2015


Yes, the political scene in the Country is anything but a reason to celebrate, a phenomenon to jump for joy.  Yes, the political culture imbibed by the Filipinos in general is certainly neither that inspiring nor that convincing to proclaim.  But yes, signs of hope there are for politics in the Philippines to be commendable and wherefore acceptable.  While there is no room yet for optimism, neither is pessimism in order.  And this promising eventuality is anchored on different  factors such as the following:

More and more simple people are poised to vote wisely, i.e., over and above the wealth and popularity of the candidates.  In addition to this, they are also more conscious of the necessity of having their votes duly counted through credible means.  They feel that they had enough political gimmickry among the candidates whose election into office precisely made their already poor life and simple living even more miserable.

More and more civic-minded Filipinos share their time, talent and resources through healthy volunteerism in the formation of organizations and movements primarily intended to inform and guide the voters on voting wisely by knowing the candidates better as to their persons and credentials.  The truth is that the voters in general are already aware of what crooked politicians eventually do to their already difficult lives.

More and more non-traditional politicians are elected into office  in the same way that more and more young and idealistic, trustworthy and competent candidates for public office are emerging, challenged as they are by the evils brought about by power and money politics.  Together with the Filipinos in general, they feel that they themselves – their own families included – already had enough of dirty politics.

The above-cited more positive and inspiring signs of hope in the eventual transformation of Philippine politics for the common good and public welfare of Filipinos, are neither but dreams nor but mere imaginations.  The rallies for a better government – which is the same as saying the quest for better political officials – are staged not only in Metro Manila but also in the different regions of the Country.

But just the same, it is good to remember the wise saying:  “One step  at a time, goes far in a day.”  In other words, such a huge and widespread viciousness in Philippine politics can be effectively counteracted by the salutary pairing of duly-informed and civic-minded citizens plus upright, competent and working politicians.  The plain and simple truth is that if the citizens themselves allow crooked, incompetent and avaricious politicians to govern them, complain they may not because such an odious political reality is in effect their own making by their social indifference, civic passivity.

Again:  No!  It is not really hopeless.  Philippine politics can still be transformed into what really is politics and what it is really for.  The incumbent Supreme Politician – given his misdirected interests plus disabled vision – is doing much to awaken the Filipinos to be politically vigilant.