Friday, April 24, 2015


Call it a problem, a difficulty, a dilemma.  Consider it an enigma, a riddle, a paradox.  Look at it as a puzzle, a predicament, a perplexity or whatever.  The standing and glaring fact is that Mindanao has long been a long, serious and even deadly phenomenon in the Philippines – since time immemorial.  One regime after another, this and that government comes and goes in the course of time, all these notwithstanding, the same national serious and lasting issue does not only continue to exist but in fact becomes even worst in significance and consequence in the course of time.  It is bad enough when Countries are at war with one another.  But it is definitely much worse when one Nation like the Philippines is at war with itself.

Questions thus come to fore:  How come so many ways and means have been tried, how come so much effort and so many endeavors have been made but to no avail?  In fact, there was that well-known Agreement made that was eventually unmade.  In addition thereto, there was even that famous invasion made but to no avail eventually.  And now there is the widely publicized and fervently proclaimed BBL authored by the Executive Department undergoing long inquiry by the Legislative Department – and probably later on to be submitted to the Judicial Department for constitutional diagnosis.  And assuming the Law has been legislatively affirmed and constitutionally confirmed, would this mean that the Mindanao paradox would be good as resolved?  In other words, would the BBL mean unity and peace, harmony and order in Mindanao?

JUST THINKING… Would the Mindanao problem be resolved with basically political moves by the national government?  Would the Mindanao issue be neutralized by mere national legislative means?  Would the Mindanao dilemma be dissolved by a national agreement with but one of the dissenting factions therein?

JUST THINKING… Should the Mindanao problem be instead resolved by an honest-to-goodness realistic and determined socio-economic development through profitable business and industry at the direct instance of the national government?  Should the Mindanao dilemma be instead responded to by the pursuit of justice, peace and order by the national government?

JUST THINKING…  It is a fact that Mindanao lacks much power which is basic in economic progress and development.  It is a reality that Mindanao is now regularly hard hit by the climate change that brings about either the lack of water for irrigation or over-abundance of water that spells destruction.

If something like the BBL will surely bring about industrial development, economic progress, social order and harmony, then it stands to reason that some kind or another BBL – like BANGSA VISAYAS LAW (BVL) and BANGSA LUZON LAW(BLL) – be also enacted and implemented the sooner the  better.

Just thinking…