Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Thus was the distinct and memorable, disturbing and well-recorded response of no less than the supreme and supposedly illustrious President of the Republic of the Philippines when – barely sometime after his assumption of office – he was expressly and clearly called upon to please help in stopping the many illegal numbers’ games flourishing in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The already needy people bettors were even duped as a matter of course while the already multi-millionaire gambling lords in the Country were as a matter of fact, raking in all the dirty money they could grab and putting it  in their bottomless pockets plus their spurious bank accounts.

In other words, the now-reigning and thus ruling supposedly highly-respected and admired Supreme Public Official in the Land – who categorically, repeatedly and loudly proclaims  the platitude “Matuwid na Daan”  -- in effect approves illegal gambling in the same way that the same even affirms and promotes gambling per se in the Country as somehow another Las Vegas.  So it is that while illegal gambling  continue to flourish in the Country, now there are even more and more  luxurious gambling investments in the Philippines primarily in terms of downright Casinos – with dining plus entertainment features as diversionary features.

So it is that specially-built roads are being well-readied for big-time foreign gamblers to find it easy to go straight to the local Casinos from the airport – and thus avoid traffic!  So it is that Casinos are exempted from AMLAC intervention.  Why?  Ask Malacañang.  So it is that gambling of many kinds and in many ways are even found in the so-called “Super Malls” here and there, not to mention “Angeles” in particular – with a host of “On-Line Gambling”.  Why?  Ask Malacañang. And so it is that losing money is not oncluded in the vocabulary of Casinos specially so when such are GOCCs.  Why?  Ask Malacañang.

Samples of illegal numbers’ games:  Alpor.  Beto-eto. Biyaya. Bookies.  Ending.  First Ball. Forty-One.  Forty-Four.  Fruit Game.  Hataw.  Jai-Alai.  Jueteng.  Last Two.  Loteng.  Lucky Nine.  Masiao.  Monte.  Pares-Pares.  Partida.  Polmol.  Pula o Puti.  Pusoy/Pusoy Dos.  Quatro de Jack.  Roleta.  Sakla.  Salisi.  Suetres.  Tong-Its. Video Carera.  Etc., etc.

Samples of “legal” numbers’ games:  Baccarat. Bingo.  Big and Small.  Black Jack.  Craps.  EZ2.  Faigow.  Genuine Pairs.  Horse Racing.  Lotto of different kinds, wit different names, with progressive prizes.  Pontoon.  Roulette.  Slot Machines.  Stud Poker.  Super 6.  Etc., etc.

Gambling is synonymous with greed.  Gambling means avarice.  Gambling is covetousness.  Gambling is a vice.  Gambling promotes the mentality of chance.  Gambling implants the spirit of dependence.  Gambling cultivates indolence.  Gambling corrupts people, creates addicts, removes shame, affirms luck, impoverishes individuals, undermines the imperative of labor, creates cheats, produces liars, destroys families.

“Daang matuwid”?  Come on!  Wake up!  Be real!