Monday, April 06, 2015


Accidental Presidency.
Improper Oath Taking.
Aristocratic Leadership.
Incompetent Governance.
“Kayo ang boss ko.” Big Caper.
“Daan matuwid.” Poor Joke.
“Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” pitiful hurrah.
KKK: Chubby-chubby governance.
Luneta Hostage Crisis.
Suspicious Death of a Good DILG Secretary.
Tarlac Murders.
Pork Barrel System.
Subordinated Legislative Department.
Napoles Malacañng Reception and Accompaniment to Camp Crame.
Hacienda Luisita exemption from true Land Reform.
Lightning Impeachment of a Chief Justice.
De facto Legality of Illegal Gambling.
Poverty Unlimited.
Middle-class going, gone.
Marked increase in Foreign Debts.
Families sorting garbage, begging by the streets, sleeping on the sidewalks.
OFWs as government’s one and only Lucrative Business.
Women and Children Prostitution.
Stagnant Judicial System.
CCT Demeaning Donation Schemes.
Direct, Indirect, Sin Taxes.
Taxation from birth to death.
Dysfunctional Railway System.
PPP for Conversion of Entities for Common Welfare to Private Business.
Emergency Power in view of Lack of Power.
Costly use of public utilities.
Beyond AMLAC Gambling Unlimited.
Illegal Drug Haven.
Omnipresent Criminality.
Rise of Terrorism.
EDCA with Atomic Weapon Accompaniment.
Atimonan Massacre.
Political Action on Yolanda Natural Calamity.
Redefinition of Budget “Savings”
BBL Imposition Venture.
Confused and Confusing Chain of Command.
Mamasapano Massacre.

Watch out!  More are coming!  Till when?