Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Formally launched on the 27th Day of August A.D. 2014/2nd Day of Dhu Al Qa’Da A.H. 1435, the above “URGENT CALL” was formally made – by a good number of angry citizens, disgusted civic leaders, lamenting Muslim and Christian leaders – primarily on account of the not simply incompetent but consequently also the deleterious governance of the present administration after no less than almost five years of incumbency.  In more plain and simple language, their common shout was “Enough is enough.”  viz., “Tama na! Sobra na! Alis na!  Such cry of disgust and impatience was already heard before.  And the loud and fervent pleading became a reality.

The “URGENT CALL” has already been heard in different provinces, in different regions; and the different people who heard it were one in the same conviction, i.e., the present administration has already allowed, if not actually authored, too many shenanigans to take place against the common and legitimate interests of the Filipinos, has already done various and serious disservice to the Country that go away it should, even disappear if possible.  In other words, as Malacañang is having a big fun in collecting too many different taxes – from babies to adults – and in distributing such as public grants to already wealthy local political allies and affluent foreign industrialists as well – not to mention those who precisely cause fatal  disunity among the Filipino themselves.  Over-all result: Poverty in the Country is institutionalized, criminality is a way of living.  More and more people are hungry, and the Country is more and more divided.

So it is that the “URGENT CALL”  in effect means “Reformation” or “Reconstruction” or “Rehabilitation” or something like.  The call is urgent because of the one too many irrational options and deleterious decisions of the Malacañang occupant with the subservient disposition of the Legislative Department – courtesy of the DAP, PDAF or whatever newly invented title there be.  While it is neither altogether that clearly nor expressly said, it is quite logical and easy to assume and thus predict that the formal, loud and “URGENT CALL” shall follow some kind of a five successive step program – as dictated by the sadly obtaining realities in the Country and the loudly expressed lamentations of the people in general – such as:

1st.  Make the President resign.

2nd.  Determine the immediate and basic agenda to attend to.

3rd.  Name the trustworthy and capable experts to execute the agenda.

4th.  Faithful, effective and competent implementation of the agenda.

5th.  Call for National Elections.

Not bad!  Very interesting!  Quite intriguing!