Monday, March 23, 2015


Truth – reality, fact, actuality – may be intentionally hidden, decidedly kept unknown and even covered up with great care and attention. Such is the standard recourse of those who would lose their supposedly hallowed family background, their apparently long, honorable and honored family name plus their consequent claim to dignity and honor. All these and more are proclaimed and promoted until the truth eventually got out of the bag” - as the saying goes.

Even but briefly, it might be good to point out and understand the key implication of the above-cited saying. Among other things, it means: That the truth seems to have its own life independent of the liar. That the truth could be meantime carefully hidden from the knowledge of all those concerned. But that the truth apparently having a life of its own, sooner or later reveals itself, independently of the desire and design of the liar.

So it is not a secret that, together with this and that previous administration, the one now seemingly reigning with the belief of inherited aristocracy, manages to cover up a lot of truths and thus keeps a good number of secrets from the time of its ascension to power up to the present. No, this is not exactly about the secrets behind the adamant tenure on an Hacienda, the fast and assured ouster of a Chief Justice, the mysteries behind the DAP and PDAF. This is neither about the mysteries of the Napoles reception at the Palace and her personal accompaniment thereafter by none other than the principal Palace occupant on her way to Camp Crame. Nor is this really about the duplicities in the proposed BBL and the enigma behind the SAF 44 phenomenon plus the intrigues raised by the subsequent voluminous BOI report.

This is about the many truths assiduously covered up by the present administration together with its famous KKK associates plus its well-known followers in the Legislature. In other words – saying it bluntly – this is about the many and fat lies said by the administration after its about five years of truly questionable governance. According to its own well-orchestrated pronouncements, the government has never been so honest and upright. The national economy is in its golden age. The people are so pleased and contented with the way it promotes justice and peace, enhances public welfare, attends to the safety of public transportation, keeps prices of consumers' goods low, makes power and water abundant and cheap.

But after its tenure of power – according to law or will of the people – the truth will certainly and eventually come to fore one way or another. There is something mysterious as well as interesting about truth. It seems to have a life of its own. Hide it and it will reveal itself in due time. Bury it and it will show itself thereafter one way or another. Cover it up and it will uncover itself when time so decides.

There is a rather known maxim” “The truth shall set us free.” – free from deception and ignorance, free from deception and ignorance, free from being misled and fooled, free from being trampled upon and laughed at. Hence: LIARS BEWARE!