Monday, March 09, 2015


It is not easy to tell big lies but tell them repeatedly and it becomes easier to do it again and again. But it is something else when someone does not even know that he is lying. When somebody merely says what he is told to, reads what is written for him, this is robotic. And when the same does what he is told to do by others around him, this is manipulation. And when no less than a Commander-in-Chief is in fact neither a commander nor a chief, this is falsification, this is delusion. In all these lamentable phenomena, the victims are the same, viz., all who believe, who depend, who place their trust and hope on the errant and/or erratic individual concerned. Sad but true.

In the event that there would be another SONA, it is not hard to assume even now that the Address should be instead SONU. And it is about time that truth takes over the lies automatically said before, that reality replaces delusions nonchalantly proclaimed before – such as the following supposedly great national blessings: Dishonesty and thievery are things of the past. Justice and peace are the rule of the times. The socio-economic development of the country has made leaps and bounds. Poverty in the Country is wherefore a thing of the past. The National Leadership had done so much for the common good, for public welfare. And expect great things yet to come with the “Emergency Powers” - and even forthcoming miraculous achievements in case there is a “Second Term”.

But undressed, the State of the Nation Address and following are some of the on-the-ground sad and shameful realities that already came to fore long before and remain existent to these days and times.

  1. The reign of royalty in the Country from father to mother to son to cousin.
  2. The incompetence and wherefore fake leadership in governance.
  3. The marked dependence on chosen manipulative bosom buddies.
  4. The subjugation of the Legislative by the Executive Department.
  5. The intent to make the Judicial subservient to the Executive  Department.
  6. The conversion of public utilities into private businesses.
  7. The nonchalant authorship and/or acceptance of graft and corruption.
  8. The aristocratic and thus insensitive dealing with the common tao.
  9. The downright institutionalization of poverty.
  10. The use of population as business such as the OFM phenomenon.
  11. The ominous Riding-In-Tandem
  12. The day and night criminality unlimited.
  13. The flourishing industry of prohibited drugs.
  14. The phenomenon of women and children prostitution.
  15. The omnipresent and omnipotent Casinos plus illegal gambling.
  16. The continuous taxation of people from birth to death.
  17. The absence of power or its costly presence.
  18. The confusing prices of oil and gas.
  19. The ever-heavy traffic during the day.
  20. The irritating malfunctions of the railways.
  21. Etc., etc.