Friday, March 20, 2015


Briefly and candidly by way of an outline, the following are the more basic and signal behavioral features of someone suffering from the Disorder:

a. Demonstration of social detachment, affective coldness and distance.

Individualistic is a qualifying term that best describes somebody having the adversity. It means that the subject concerned feels comfortable and satisfied when alone – alone living life, alone attending to his or her needs.

b. Preference for solitude such as being far away from others as a way of life.

As an immediate consequence of the above-said individualism or egoism, the person concerned by nature and posture, wants and prefers to be alone in enjoying good things as well as in facing bad news.

c. Association with others simply for one's aggrandizement and usage.
Association with others is made – and even kept at times – in view of their usefulness to self-satisfaction and pursuant protection of the interests of someone afflicted with the personality disorder.

d. Indifference to the appreciation or depreciation of others.

When someone is not only indifferent to but also in fact avoidant of the company of others, it becomes well understandable that he or she is ultimately indifferent to their admiration or depreciation.

3. Contentment with oneself, with the opposite sex usually excluded even.

This self-contentment is what someone having the “Disorder” actually feels and this acts accordingly. This is precisely why he or she also shuns the company even of the opposite sex, its intimate expression well-included.

f. Insensitivity to the difficulty, misfortune and/or suffering of others.

This is not a manifestation of bad will or ill intent of someone schizoid. It is but the logical and understandable result of his or her self-consuming concern and interest, egoism and individualism.

Let it be well-noted that no Personality Disorder of any kind is really desired by anybody. This means that such a personal liability is neither of his or her own making. It is a common theory among experts in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology that unless a serious or severe trauma is the causal factor of a given behavioral liability, a Disorder in the personality make-up of someone usually has its origin from the close blood relationship of his generative origin.