Friday, March 27, 2015


The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”(1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, Principles, Section 1) Among other realities and truths about the above constitutional provision which is nothing less than a “Principle”, the following come to fore:

Democracy: Freedom of the people. Decision by the people. Welfare of the people. Republic: Public welfare. Common good. Civil order. Sovereignty: By the people. For the people. Of the people.

So it is that in the Republic of the Philippines, it is the people who choose their government officials through election, who pay their salaries and benefits through taxes, who expect their service in the context of equality, justice and equity.

And thus it is that as people place public officials in authority, people may ask them to leave it behind. As people assigned to them their respective public office, placed them in the national and local government position, people may tell them to leave it behind.

Resign!” “Go!” “Out!” This is the right – not a concession, neither a permission nor a license – of the people to tell a public official when this is proven incompetent, unable or disabled in fulfilling his task, attending to his Oath of Office and pursuant commitment.

Again and again – just for the record. Democracy means:

a. The citizens have the rightful and active role in forming their government.

b. The citizens may accept or reject those who in fact govern them.

c. The citizens are losers when governed by dictatorial or elitist individuals.

d. The citizens expect their government to observe not violate the laws.

e. The citizens must be governed pursuant to their human dignity and rights.

f. The citizen should have access to public service, to public utilities.

g. The citizens are subject to but beneficial socio-political structures.

So it is that in a genuine democratic system of government, the good of the governed has priority over the benefit of those governing them. And so it is that when anyone of those exercising public authority over them, specially someone in the highest government position – not only disregard but also belittle them, not only rule over but lie to them – it is the right and prerogative of the people to say: “Go!” “Leave!” “Quit!” Elementary!