Friday, March 13, 2015


By way of introduction, it is but just and proper to make mention of the “Mendiola Massacre” where some twenty-two farmers from the then and now still infamous Hacienda Luisita were gunned without mercy , without reservation  during the reign of the then  President.  And some time later, this was replaced by the “Tarlac Massacre” when some seven farmers – one kind old Aglipayan  bishop included – were all shot to death for staging a strike against the Hacienda labor mismanagement.  And to make such a disgusting composite phenomena really historical, there was a Chief Justice who dared apply the law to the same Hacienda and the result was called “Impeachment” – not only placing the Legislative Department under the command of Malacañang  but also making the Supreme Court fearful in treating the Executive Department as an equal branch of government as provided by no less than the Constitution of the Land.

The in-coming government – be this before or after 2016 – has much to do as well as to undo – in favour of the People of the Philippines in the pursuit of truth for the emergence of justice and reign of peace, definitely not through dissemination of lies, the promotion of inequity, the instigation of hostilities such as the composition and promotion of the now debatable if not infamous BBL.  Hence:

Please: Do not promote the OFW phenomenon for the material gains of the State at the expenses, worries and separation of families.  Stop such detrimental invention as PPP whereby privatization of public utilities promote private profits – not public welfare.  Do away with taxation unlimited under different titles but with the same victims such as the  poor, the miserable people.

Please: Do away with the now famous KKK - a title that desecrates the original, noble and heroic individuals the letters stand for.  Get rid of the incarnation of graft and corruption through the infamous DAP and PDAF.  And no more official reception and accompaniment of any Napoles figure.

Please: Do stop making the Philippines a Gambling Republic.  In the same way, get rid of the proliferation of the local Drug Industry.  And stop women trafficking plus child prostitution due to the lack of the means of decent livelihood, on account of the lack of proper education.

Please: Do not prefer to see how cars are made with big and continuous foreign profits, instead of giving honor and showing bereavement for wasted lives and desecrated bodies. And do away with an inverted socio-economic progress where the rich become richer and the poor emerge even poorer.

Please: No more Luneta Massacre.  No more Atimonan Massacre.  No more Mamasapano Massacre.  Enough is enough.

No wonder then there is the increasing people’s clamor for someone’s resignation!  leave them alone!  They will do better!