Monday, February 16, 2015


It is historical because it is empirical; it is a certainty because it is a ground reality: it is truth that ushers in justice and it is justice that brings about peace. It is plain yet profound, it is the realm of the contemplative and in the sphere of the objective: Lie, deceit, falsity bring about injustice which in turn causes conflict, hostility – war included. All these are relevant even but in a domestic community that is destroyed by lies, conflicts and ensuing disharmony. All of them are also applicable to a country that is likewise undermined by deceit, by foul play and consequent division.

Truth-Justice-Peace is a social tripod , the absence of one of which is the negation of all. Even its reverse is a reality in social life: True peace cannot be the fruit of injustice in the same way that real justice cannot be founded on deception. This brings to mind the famous “Three Musketeers” - three heroic swordsmen whose standing and outstanding motto is precisely: “All for one, one for all.” So it is too with Truth, Justice, Peace.” It is all or nothing whereas they are an inseparable trio such as without one, there can be no three.

And this brings to mind the BBL triumphantly and gleefully pushed by the Executive Department for pressured legislation by the Senate and Congress – but certainly for subsequent judgment by the Supreme Court for its constitutionality or otherwise, irrespective of what Malacañang wants and what the Legislative Department says. Needless to say, much talk, much fanfare, much posturing plus much expenses went into the BBL making.

And this sadly brings to mind the “Massacre 44” that questions the proper and legitimate AFP Chain of Command, that questions the veracity and sincerity of MILF and that finally caused the unjust and hideous bloodbath of no less than forty-four SAF members – and makes “Mamasapano” a fearsome if not dangerous place, that makes it a historical if not a loathsome word.

And this finally brings to fore the many hearings being made here and there plus the investigations being done then and now – the over-all outcome of which is even now already predictable: The BBL will be much scrutinized if not questioned, will be delayed in passage if at all or would be overhauled in part if not as a whole.

No wonder then that the BBL attempt of the Executive Department under the leadership of the chief Malacañang occupant has now become a fearsome dream, a questionable venture – not to mention the alleged effort and means undertaken by someone said to be salivating for the Nobel Peace Prize, all pretensions and denials to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Again: The BBL must be premised on truth, based on justice and anchored in peace. And during these days, at least, the proposed Legislation notwithstanding, the merciless killing of 44 young people caused by deceit, injustice and discord took place. What's next?