Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Mass slaughter, carnage, butchery or anything the like when human lives are considered cheap, if not worthless or evil even and therefore done away with ease and comfort – this is Massacre” in substance, in its common understanding. No. It is not just a matter of one, two or three human lives that are deliberately and wantonly terminated or readily wasted. It is the perfect example of the inhumanity of man to man – some individuals nonchalantly killing and eliminating others as a matter of course. Suicide – someone taking his own life – is harder to do than massacre that precisely does away with the lives of others while mass murderers avidly keep theirs. This makes massacre the core and summit of inhumanity. And when life itself is done away with, human dignity is a big inanity, human rights are but downright vanity.

Sad to say but truth to remember, the present administration is now famous or infamous for no less than three downright massacres. If some more are in the making, few – if any – really know, actually say.

There is the Luneta Massacre to start with. It revealed the incompetence of uniformed public officials. It manifested the insensitivity of their Chief-in-Command. And so it angered the co-nationals of those thus massacred.

There is the Atimonan Massacre next. It demonstrated how law enforcers can readily violate the law not only by engaging in unlawful activities but also in actually killing one another. Their Chief-in-Command was nowhere.

And there is the Mamasapano Massacre lately. Honorable and courageous PNP-SAF constituents were gunned down supposedly by the would-be-allies of the government at the initiative precisely of the same Chief-in-Command.

This is saying nothing about the infamous Mendiola Massacre where some 22 individuals were gunned down to uphold and protect an Hacienda when Land Reform was supposedly the core of then incumbent government.

So it is that there is not only progressive poverty in the Country, children not going to school, more citizens leaving for work abroad, more criminals freely roaming the street, more women selling themselves.

So it is that more and more people are digging garbage cans, begging in the streets, sleeping at the sidewalks. In the same way, more and more families are getting not only worried but in fact are also desperate and angry.

And so it is that demonstrations against the Malacañang Chief Occupant are becoming more in number and anger, more in bitterness and defiance. When will they stop, who can make them stand still, no one really knows.

The ground reality of the said progressively common dismay and consequent unrest is gradually but definitely turning into the clamor for someone to step down, to go away – please!