Monday, February 09, 2015


There is a litany of reasons why more and more people – from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao even – who want Malacañang vacated by its present occupant. It started with the Luneta massacre and now topped by the Mamasapano bloodbath. The present leadership is too incompetent to be patient with, too heavy a public load to bear.


No less than forty-four precious human lives lost – wasted, mutilated, desecrated. Mostly young PNP-SAF members mercilessly killed. Parents lost their beloved offspring. Spouses lost their dear husbands. Children lost their precious fathers.

They were commanded to go to a place supposedly to capture two known extremists. There, they were instead surrounded by members of different supposedly peace but in effect war advocates. No help came from the ranks of official weapon carriers – all their calls for help notwithstanding.

One by one, the butchered PNP-SAF constituents were recovered. One by one – what was left of them – they were placed in individual coffins and flown to the proper base. Their comrades were there lamenting. But those who drove them to death were nowhere to be seen whereas he was consumed by seeing how cars are made.


Someone suspended arranged their deployment in a dangerous place for a dangerous mission with a deadly outcome. And another who knows nothing but to talk and talk and talk, affirmed the mortal mission, keeping it a secret from everybody else, except somebody who financed it with public funds.

Those supposed to know what was taking place, knew absolutely nothing. While being public officials, the public agenda was altogether kept secret from them. When asked what happened and how come it happened, they confessed their surprising ignorance about the deadly event.

Meantime, the two who dared connive about the about the murderous affairs, shamelessly remained silent to this day. The commander would rather talk about benefits in cash and in kind to those left behind by the forty-four heroes. On the other hand, the secret follower left quickly for abroad.


Out of the gross, detestable and continuing national shame, something is coming to fore: More and more people are resolved to get the supposedly noblest and highest public official out of the way. He is nowhere worth forty-four lives. The earlier he is gone, the better.