Friday, February 06, 2015


Democracy – the guarantee of freedom, the sovereignty of the people, the assumption and exercise of public office for public welfare – is great.  But freedom is a reality only when the people are spared from poverty and misery.  On the other hand, sovereignty presumes that the government serves – not lords it over – the people, respects the voice of the people, not exercise dominion over them.  And government works for the common good of the governed – neither for the private benefits nor the dynastic interests of those in government.

And elections – free, clean, honest, credible – from the local to the national levels make a big constitutive factor of Democracy.  Needless to say, the people themselves electing – choosing, naming, identifying – those who will precisely govern them – are alien as well as repugnant to incarnate Monarchy, absolute Theocracy, consummate Dictatorship.  So is it that Democracy is in effect a big fallacy when election results are doubtful if not altogether unbelievable, disturbing if not actually disgusting.  And such are exactly the salient features of elections in the Philippines – not only in the recent past but also in the near future if no salient changes were made.

So it is that the futility of Philippine elections has been a reality in fact and will continue to be a living phenomenon in the year 2016 unless meaningful and reasonable actions are now slowly but surely taken – such as in conjunction with the following well-felt concerns.

The alleviation  of poverty.  Why?  Human freedom and human poverty are contradictory.  When someone is in need, the same is not free.

The education of voters.  Why?  Voting for candidates because they are rich and/or famous and/or popular is fatal for the Country as a whole.

The credentials of candidates.  Why?  The requirement of but citizenship plus knowing how to read and write makes one big composite joke.

The junking of Smartmatic.  Why?  From the time of its appearance in the scene, questions after questions raised about it still remain unanswered.

The credibility of the Comelec.  Why?  All  its members plus staff should be above suspicion as an elementary requirement.

WARNING!  While people continue to hope, to wait, to yearn for local and national elections as election should be, it is not really unwarranted much less unreasonable to say that even patience has its ending, waiting is not forever.  Translation:  Those now lording it over the people better know who and what they really are, what they should be.  Otherwise, the people themselves might take over – and that is a story lived and told before.