Friday, February 20, 2015


So there have been and there are still even more and louder calls for someone to resign from the highest public office in the land. It can be rightfully said that all the reasons for or causes of the said appeals can be summed up into one over-all reality: Incompetence in national governance. It is certainly challenging to govern a democratic Country, to lead a free thinking and speaking People. It demands a lot of wisdom and skills, a big amount of vision and determination on the part of the one governing. It requires leadership skills not only from the national down to the local levels but also the other way around. And even OJT in governance has to end much earlier than the stipulated term of Office.

The present national leadership has competence in talking big and talking well – but incompetent in bringing but words to ground realities. It can even be said that the individual concerned came from a heroic father, a truly wealthy and famous clan plus its consequent aristocratic background. More. It cannot be said with objective truth that the same figure is a bad person, an evil individual, a crook or something the like. He grew up with a good family background and even went to a well-known school. But just the same, he remains incompetent to govern a Country, to lead a people towards social justice, towards peace and socio-economic development.

So it is that as time goes by, more and more people are poor and restless, disillusioned and dissatisfied – not to mention restless and angry. So it is that more and more rallies and demonstrations are prepared and held. And so it is that there are now increasing and louder calls for the same highest leader in government to please resign from Office, to please go and leave the people with the hope for a really promising today and a better tomorrow. They are but asking for the chance to have a competent national leadership, to face a realistic present and expect a promising future.

In the assumption that the personality concerned would freely leave office at the instance of none other than his Boss” without any gun in sight nor any bullet fired – then: He sets a great example of humility as urged by truth. He makes himself the object of admiration and emulation. He becomes not only a heroic but also a historical figure. But to insist in holding on to an office he could not fulfill, in accepting agenda he could not bring to facts, in hanging on to the privileges and benefits he has enough of even without the demanding role he got himself into – this is not even logical, to say the least. Much less is it irrational.

To counter that the people loved and believed in him such that they precisely assigned him to the highest office in the land, to argue that he is trying to do his best in all honesty and sincerity, to say that he was but more than a year to finish his term of governance, the realistic answer is precisely that: He has been in office long enough, he has tried hard long enough, he has not done well long enough. Hence: Enough is enough! You have done your best. Let others do the rest!