Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Such is the triad of social malady, inequality, disharmony – not to mention graft and corruption, poverty and misery – that daily human experience amply testify to from the local to the national level. It is certainly not easy to cover up falsity totally and forever. Somehow someday the lie, the falsehood, the duplicity is discovered, the deceit is revealed, the discontent and dissention come to fore. Iniquity on the other hand – when it goes on unnoticed and/or remains unpunished – generates more and bigger misdeeds which multiply fast and far. And with the reign of falsity and iniquity, discord readily becomes ground reality as a natural consequence, as a matter of fact. In other words, unless duly corrected with resolve, the same remains the story: Falsity brings about iniquity which in turn causes discord in human society, in the community.

So came to fore the common saying that “Truth brings about justice which in turn generates peace”. There is really nothing profound about the maxim whereas it is a day-to-day living phenomenon – from the national down to the local level. There is nothing like truth that effectively brings about justice in the same way it is justice in turn that is the anchorage of peace. And the conclusion is the same the other way around. The absence of peace means the presence of injustice which in turn is basically caused by lies. In fact, the bigger the lie, the more severe is the injustice, the more profound and pervasive becomes dissension.

There is something else that follows after the truth is said and known, after justice is done, after peace is enjoyed, viz. Therewith comes socio-economic development. This sequence of facts is well-proven the world over. Countries led by truthful public officials become just and fair in the running of the different branches of government. This makes justice a connatural fact. This in turn promotes and sustains peace. Lastly, this precious social reality brings, sustains and promotes the social welfare and economic development of the thus blessed country.
It is not without pain nor shame to ask: Is truth the reigning reality in the Philippines? Then among so many other things, how does one explain election cheating as a matter of course? Is justice a national virtue in this Country? Then, among so many other things, how does one defend the Bureau of Correction big national scandal? And lastly, is there really socio-economic development in this Nation? Then among so many other things, how does one explain the infamous CCT/MCCT attempt to hide miserable people begging in the streets, sleeping in the sidewalks, living in pushcarts – not to mention those housed by the canals, under the bridges?

The reality is that the present administration – perhaps without even knowing it on account of gross incompetence, incarnate aristocracy and deep numbness – has brought more and more Filipinos from bad to worst by nonchalant lies, habitual dishonesty, standard unrest. This is precisely why even to these days, there are those who still admire the Martial Law times! Malacañang: Till when will you house the same occupant?