Friday, February 27, 2015


We all desire that the provisions of BBL express fairness and equity. For this reason, we hope that the BBL will ensure equal opportunity for integral human development for all the peoples in the Bangsamoro. We desire a BBL that will respect various cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions. We wish to be assured that the BBL will provide equal access to educational, economic, political beliefs and resources.” (Par. 12)

There is a big difference between but to merely dream and to truly nurture hope, between to but simply wish and sincerely yearn for – such is the over-all spirit and optimism of the CBCP on the BBL once duly affirmed by the Legislative Department, confirmed by the Judicial Department and accordingly implemented by the Executive Department. Reason: Such a Basic Law when proven as based on truth will eventually bring about justice which in turn will ultimately give all those concerned the blessing of peace and the promotion of development.

There is nothing like objective reality plus good will to make BBL the tenable promise of social harmony and economic progress in favor of the people of Mindanao as a whole – with the Luzon and Visayas also as pursuant beneficiaries thereof. If the supposedly Land of Promise instead remains the place of force and fear, the temptation to human strife and deadly moves even, then such would contribute to the loss of the Country as a whole. It is well understandable then that the CBCP would earnestly want and fervently pray for the success of the BBL.

So it is then that the CBCP – among other things – expressed its honest and sincere desire for the realization of the following:

1. That the BBL contains provisions that proffer fairness and equity among the people within its territorial coverage. Otherwise, the Law would simply be another legislation of futility.

2. That the BBL provides equal development opportunity for all the people in Bangsamoro. Otherwise, it would not stop but even enhance their discontent and disunity.

3. That the BBL shows respect towards various cultural, religious and traditional values of the people covered by the Law. Otherwise, human conflicts would not only continue but escalate even.

Needless to say, few are those if any, who who want a BBL that would forward deceit instead of truth, that would promote inequity rather than justice, that would instigate unrest rather than disseminate peace. Woe to such individuals. They would have a lot to answer for not only before all those concerned with and desirous of progress not misery, longing for peace not war, but also before God if they recognize Any, and before their conscience if they have any.