Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"The Vital Cell of Society", "The Natural Society", "The Communion of Persons" - these are the three more distinct phrases and significant truths promoted by sound reason and ethics in conjunction with the smallest human community. The family is so ordinary and so common that it is considered as a matter-of-fact phenomenon. It is in every place at anytime such that the family is taken for granted. It is the standard unit of persons that people by and large see nothing that distinct nor that special to address it with gravity and importance. So it is that the family is usually taken for granted - if not in fact depreciated and even violated.

Needless to say, the family is the origin of every human person in the past, the present and the future yet to come. This fundamental as well as practical reality alone already signals the unique nature, the distinct attributions and finalities of the family. In other words, unless someone directly falls down from the skies in heaven or nonchalantly rises up from the depths of the earth, the family is a basic and phenomenal human entity giving origin to individual persons. Without the family, there would be no community. Without the community, there would be no society. Without society, what would the big wide world be, what would it be for?

So it is nothing less than the Good Book forwards the following three figures that brought the family to living reality. One, there stood a man. Two, there came a woman. Three, there appeared their children. And so the family came to being. And so humanity became a living reality. By the way, before the coming of any man and woman, no less than Divinity saw to it that everything else was prepared - the land, the sea and the skies, the plants, the birds and the animals. How then could the family not have its rightful significance - even but in the purely temporal order? How then could the relevance, importance and finality of the human family be not duly recognized? The truth is that the family - based on marriage and intended for the birth of children - is the basic origin of humanity as a whole.

The objective truth is that the family is the very first natural society, with thus equally natural rights that are proper to it that in effect place it at the center of human society by virtue of natural law itself.

The standard notion of society is that it is a group of people who come from a group of neighbors, who in turn basically come from a group of families. In other words, the family is the beginning of the making of a society that is wherefore by composed of families. And society being basically a composition of individuals and individuals being constituents of a family, it follows that family is the "First Natural Society". In other words, in the order of time and in the sphere of realities, the family is the first society in the order of nature. Woe to those who in effect actually destroy families by legislative provisions and/or amoral practices. Would that they neither come from a family, nor have a family of their own.