Monday, January 05, 2015


Objectively speaking as well as objectively understanding the truly fundamental and thus really basic rights derived from and ingrained in the objective dignity of every human person – independently from his/her race, color and creed – the Social Doctrine of the Church has identified, conformed and proclaimed the following as the primary and foundational rights innate to every human individual:

1. Right to Life means to be a being not only with existence but also with life, i.e., a living being, a living human being. Once this primary attribution becomes a reality from the moment of its actuality in the womb of a mother – to its eventual termination as determined by nature – then all other human rights come to fore, to reality, with mandatory respect for them all.

2. Right to Live means to be alive precisely through the gift of life. In other words, a living person has to be protected and defended lest his/her living-in-fact is actually ended or terminated before its natural end. The truth of the matter is that it is even a grave offense for someone alive to terminate his/her own life as in the case of someone committing suicide.

3. Right to Education implies the intellectual faculty of every human being that becomes evident at the age of initial reason functions – a faculty that has potentials to be developed through gradual and graded formal education whereby the human person progressively acquires knowledge for his use and advantage as well as for the good and welfare of his/her neighbors.

4. Right to Know the Truth is but an immediate consequence of the “Right to Education” which is precisely about perceiving reality, knowing the truth with the attendant consideration that to directly know what it means as well to indirectly know what is false. The truth is that falsehood – lie, deception, fabrication and the like – is definitely and categorically not the first finality of intelligence and education.

5. Right to Work says the other angle of the mandate or the obligation to work – taking into account the saying that “He who does not want to work, let him not also eat.” This particular right means that every able and knowledgeable human person should have the opportunity to have work in order to actually make a living for himself/herself and dependents.

6. Right to Establish a Family implies willingness and capacity on the part of a man and a woman to be a couple, to consummate their union and to thereby have and raise children they are capable of caring for in accord with their human dignity. While no one is obliged to be coupled, no one is obliged to be without a family – although he/she has the right to do so.

7. Right to Religious Freedom in brief means the right to choose, embrace and practice one's own preferred and chosen creed – in the same way that every individual has the right not to have any creed at all on proviso that such lack of religious affiliation would not lead to violating the religious freedom of others. “Religious War” is a big atrocity.