Friday, January 16, 2015


POPE FRANCIS IS HERE! The CATHOLICS are ecstatic! And the FILIPINOS in general are truly blessed by his presence, edified by his examples, and most of all, beneficiaries of his teachings – all essentially in accord with people loving people, with FILIPINOS being more aware of and attentive to the common good of their fellow Pinoys in the spirit of MERCY and COMPASSION and wherefore in the realm of SOLIDARITY.

When someone is alone, companionless, unsociable – avoids others for whatever reason, shuns community for whatever cause – this is known as being solitary. This is usually identified with being lonely, desolate and isolated. When somebody remains in seclusion – stays detached, remains reclusive, lives solo – this is solitude or “solo-flight”. But when someone seeks not only unity but also closeness with others, wants not merely companionship but cooperation with others as well, pursues consolidation of interests and duties with his/her neighbors – this is the essence and implications of “Solidarity” with “solid” (full and compact, durable and tough) as its root word.

Egoism and selfishness, remoteness and isolation, disharmony and divisiveness – these are some of the more common options and consequent actuations of certain individuals, contrary to the meaning and spirit of “Solidarity”. In this case, the losers are the individuals with such negative social particulars. The truth of the matter is that man is a social being, i.e., customarily seeking and living in society herein finding his fellows and having companionship with them and herefrom having his needs satisfied and his aspirations realized. This is why being a loner is a personal liability – having nobody to share his joys and blessings.

It can be rightfully said that sociability is the basis of “Solidarity”. The connatural disposition of man to be with others, herewith sharing his interests and concerns, yearnings and aspirations as well as satisfaction and good fortune – this is the composite causal factor of solidarity. The better person someone is, the more he/she not only keeps but also shares his/her good fortune, the better citizen he/she becomes and the more “Solidarity” the same lives by. Let it be well understood that such a positive and honorable reality as “Solidarity” in no way applies to the groups of gangsters, thieves, and other criminals. Reason: As “Solidarity” is categorically pro-society, criminality is definitely anti-society – considering that criminals are but for themselves and thus against everybody else who are in fact the objects of their evil deed, the victims of the crimes they commit. It is good to note that there is no “Solidarity” among evil individuals – but only conspiracy along the infamous solemn oath of “Omerta” among Mafia members who are all anti-social.

Solidarity through mercy and compassion – this is a signal composite social blessing. And this is what Pope Francis stands for.