Monday, January 26, 2015


In the world, there is the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights as defined and affirmed by the United Nations. In the Philippines, there is the Bill of Rights written down in its 1986 Constitution. But needless to say, all these notwithstanding, there are existing and glaring realities in the World – the Philippines well-included – that take human rights as but big jokes and that wherefore make human persons as but useful clogs to have or harmful things to discard. Such an odious posture and erratic disposition are specially true and relevant on the part of those in tenure of power and wealth, those running governments and thus governing people as if petty gods. So it is that there are the phenomena of modern slavery in terms of the exploitations of workers, the trafficking of women, the marketing of children – and many other malevolent practices that demonstrate the big gap between the reality of human rights and but the words they are written with.

In other words, political interests and economic concerns are more often than not, the main reference points of individuals holding public authority whether to treat the general public as people with intrinsic human dignity or but mouths to feed, to render them public service or but simply use and abuse them. It is not a secret that there are governments that in fact hate population, want to lessen them and thus even promote abortion through various nice sounding programs. Such is precisely the basis and the essence of “Population Control” under whatever deceptive title is used in order to hide its real anti-people nature and intention.

Though shameful to say but also shameless to deny, anti-people governments are not exactly worried when people wallow in poverty with not enough food to eat, with no decent clothes to wear. Neither are they disturbed by the fact when people live in misery neither having even but menial work to earn from nor even having a place to live in. So it is that when they eventually get sick and die, the less people there are, the bigger victory it is for the anti-population government officials who – strange to say – subscribe to the strange thesis that the lesser the people, the greater is socio-economic development. That is why it would not be altogether strange to say that the people should get rid of so many scheming and stealing public officials in order to have their socio-economic progress.

Recently, it was made public in many ways through many means that the Pope himself said that people should not multiply like rabbits. This interesting and seemingly strange pronouncement is in fact exactly in consonance with the long standing teaching of the Church that couples should observe “Responsible Parenthood” through “Natural Family Planning” - contrary to a good number of them who have more children they can really care form give ample support and send to school.

So it is that the Filipinos continue proclaiming their identity culture with the precious and endearing shout of “MABUHAY!”