Wednesday, December 03, 2014


The creativity and ingenuity of the still lording-it-over dubious Executive Department with its duly recompensed and thus ever faithful Legislative Department is such that their close partnership is not only admirable but also enviable particularly so in reinventing the plain and simple meaning of the word Savings” which even children well know and understand by just seeing and/or holding their little piggy banks. Their parent are both insistent and consistent in teaching and making them save through proper spending precisely so that they could have and build their own savings little by little.

And speaking of the said “piggy” banks, could this be one of the reasons why the infamous “Pork Barrel” phenomenon came about – such as that applied to both the PDAF and the DAP, both of which were repeated targets of angry public protests and both of which were censured by nothing less than the Supreme Court. But, the still around more and more depreciated Executive Department plus its also still well-rewarded right-hand Legislative Department again came out with the 2015 National Budget now said to be “beefy” in an attempt to do away with its still very “porkish” nature.

But just the same, it has become rather evident that both the Palace and Congress have acquired and continue to insist that they are experts in holding on and promoting the meaning of such a plain reality called “Savings”. From the said National Budget for next year, upon close scrutiny of those concerned, it appears that the said two truly inventive branches of government have one or more of the following queer and interesting understanding of “Savings”.

What you do not spend for what it is meant for.
What you spend for anything you desire.
What you want that is intended for someone or something else.
What you keep although it is not yours.
What you get that belongs to others.
What you give to someone meant for somebody else.
What you transfer from one agenda to another as you wish.

It is a pity that more and more people find it harder and harder to trust a big number of politicians from the local to the national levels. And they surely have reasons to do so – particularly in terms of public funds going into private pockets instead of being spent for public welfare. All kinds of conceivable taxes they pay. All basic consumer goods they need become higher in cost. All the salaries and earnings they receive are kept at the minimum. And their political leaders are doing their best to enrich themselves – as if they are ignorant of ethics, as if they would live forever.

Meantime, someone wants “Emergency Power!” After doing nothing substantial to build up the power industry for more than four long years, after much speeches here and there about so much financial gains made, after going to these and those foreign countries and infallibly bringing back so much socio-economic great news, now “Emergency Power” is sought. Where is the beef?