Monday, December 15, 2014


Mission is a given mandate and an accepted commitment, an entrusted concern and an affirmed agenda. And the fundamental mission handed to and being faithfully attended to by the Church is to look after man as a totality of body and soul, mind, will, and spirit primarily in order to lead him in doing good and in drawing himself away from evil, to wherefore guide and care for him from birth to death – eventually in preparation for his continuous living existence hereafter and beyond.

So it is that the Social Mission of the Church is to attend to the welfare of man as a member of society immersed in earthly realities meant to bring about his common good, specially in terms of the search for truth, the administration of justice, the reign of peace and the eventual emergence of socio-economic development – all in his favor. So is that the Church as a whole is well-covered by the two fundamental Commandments: Love of God and Love of Man – the favorite of God.

All the above observations however in no way mean that the Church, her mission in general and her social apostolate in particular, assumes that the State is all the while doing what it is obliged and expected to do in the temporal order for the good of man – such as through good governance and humane politics productive of prosperity, peace and order. The Church wherefore that is in tenure of the required knowledge and ethico-moral authority remains obliged to teach and promote her Social Doctrine specially so when people are abused and/or oppressed, violated and/or victimized by secular power.

Man is the darling of creation,” so say men of wisdom and vision. So is it too that the Church gives special attention to and shows pursuant concern in favor of man as expressed through her Social Doctrine appended to her social mission. And it can be readily assumed that after more than two thousand years of ministerial existence on earth, the Church knows what is good for man in the temporal sphere in order to prepare him to eventually have his peace and joy in the realm of eternity.

Let it be said clearly and emphatically that her Social Doctrine is an integral part of the mission of the Church to proclaim the inherent dignity and ultimate destiny of every human being. The said Doctrine is a body of teachings about the human person, about human society, about humanity as a whole – a Doctrine that is premised on the light of reason and the bidding of ethics consonant with truths of faith and the directives of morals. This is not meant to say that the Church intervenes in purely technical questions through her Social Doctrine, nor does the former endorses or establishes any specific societal organization. The Church simply teaches, proposes and proclaims that man must be set free of social evils such as in terms of inhumane structures, dehumanizing organizations and anti-human practices – lest he forgets what he really is and what for he is really meant in the supernal level. So is it that the Social Doctrine of the Church is pro-man on behalf of God.