Friday, December 05, 2014


Here we go again! With the passage of the Population Control Law fervently desired by Malacañang, dutifully enacted into law by the Legislature and now more decidedly and assiduously being implemented by the Department of Health under a new, faithful and obedient truly anti-population over-all chief, people are now more and more looked upon as the big enemy of socio-economic development, the hateful cause of poverty and misery. More. People are pinpointed as the fundamental reason for insufficiency of food, shelter and clothing. More. People are also considered as the cause even of standard traffic jams, MRT overuse, increase of crime included.

To such a perceived social problem, the puerile response of the still present government is plain and simple: Get rid of people. Promote the use of contraceptives unlimited. Never mind really if any of the contra-birth pills are in effect abortive. Never mind if the same pills eventually cause sickness among their users. Never mind if contraceptives promote promiscuity among young people. It's OK to have both tubal ligation and vasectomy, anywhere, anytime. It's OK to find dead babies left by the sidewalks, thrown here and there – in garbage cans included. In other words, do not allow Filipinos to be born. Get rid of them as many and as quickly as possible.

For avid population control promoters supposedly for the eventual development of the Country through foreign capital investments, production and commerce, some of the economic dogma they basically profess and assiduously affirm are the following: The more Filipinos are, the more miserable as well is their way of living and their state of life. The lesser the Filipinos are, the better it is for the Philippines – with the given probability of its becoming even a First World Country in the East at least. So it is but right to ask the said avid Population Control advocates:

Would they rather not have been born at all so that there would be less population and therefore more resources in the Country? Should they consider their parents' social liabilities precisely for having them counted among the Philippine population? Are they happy for the death of thousands of people – elderly, adults, children – as Yolanda victims? Do they in fact welcome Ebola in the Country to lessen fast and sure the number of Filipinos? Would they wish for more deadly floods to take place plus killer earthquakes to happen? Are they happy that deadly crimes are being committed day and night, that cemeteries are not only full but overflowing with dead people. Lastly, would they rather convert the Department of Health into Department of Death?

Admittedly, the above questions are not only exaggerations but may be even insulting. But just for the record, the over-all honest-to-goodness intention behind them all is but one: Population control is not the means for the socio-economic development of the Country. What then? Here are some key agenda: 1st, use public funds for public welfare – please! 2nd, make the natural resources serve national common interests – please! 3rd, Serve not despise, respect not belittle Filipinos, please!