Friday, November 07, 2014


The world is becoming curioser and curioser – such as in the sphere of a man and man spousal union, a woman and woman matrimonial venture or “Same Sex Marriage” - not to mention the so-called “Renewable Marriage Contract” and “Group Marriage”. This is neither saying anything about big-wig politicians who have two, three or even more de facto wives such that they have to tell more and more lies and also need more and more money to finance them all together with their children here and there. Among other things, these phenomena amply demonstrates human ingenuity or creativity such as in the matter of sexuality – with its biological, affective and mental features.

Without in any way intending to offend much less belittle anyone who sincerely or conveniently subscribes to such unusual – to say the least – inter-relationships, it is not really altogether irrelevant much less unreasonable to call attention and bring to mind the following elementary realities in the realm of nature itself which no mere human authority - the highest Churchmen and greatest Politicians well-included – may change, notwithstanding all their allegedly good will and intentions, all their imagination and ingenuity to say, to do, or to legislate otherwise.

Humans are not the voice of nature – but vice versa. So it is that while nature stays, man comes and goes. So it is that whatever goes up, must ultimately go down. The earth is round and though everybody would dare say it is square, round it remains. So it is that in building, one starts from below going up – not from the top going to the bottom. In the same way, time is dearer than gold because gold can be bought, time simply goes on and on, all the gold there notwithstanding. These are but very elementary samples of the essence – substance, persistence, insistence – of nature.

So it is that the family, the community, the people all come from the procreative communion of men and women. So it is too that the whole animal kingdom as well comes from the sexual union of male and female animals. And so it is that as a matter of fact men and women seek the companionship of one another – and in some instances, there is this man who wants that woman as a consecutively spousal, conjugal, parental partner for life “in sickness and in health, until death does them part”.

Question: Now, what is apparently the most novel human option that really came to fore? What on earth is “Solo Marriage”? What is it for?
Answer: It is some kind of a ritual opted by a single woman of an advanced age. It's initial preparation consists of the said woman having a wedding gown designed according to her wish. The woman then wears the gown, marches towards the end of a duly prepared aisle with the usual wedding décor. Thereafter, the wedding party is held. The woman goes home. And life continues as usual.

Who says that human creativity is passé?