Monday, November 24, 2014


It goes this usual way it goes: 1st, the Capitalists. 2nd, the Manufacturers. 3rd, the Distributors. 4th, the Vendors. 5th, the Consumers. In simple terms, such is the standard structure of the business industry in general. And to deny that the Drug Trade in the Country has not progressively undergone such a developmental structural growth in the Philippines is either due to gross ignorance or on account of actual involvement therein, as business conduits if not precisely as protectors thereof on the part of those officially committed to implement the law and protect the general public from the pernicious and even mortal effects of illegal drug intake.

Why is it that the prohibited drug business continues to flourish – even at times produced in and coming from high-end subdivisions surrounded by a good number of security guards – notwithstanding all glorious and repeated reports about its containment by the so-called “arms of the law”. The sad truth of the matter is that it is no secret that some of those precisely tasked by the government and even paid by people's taxes to get rid of the deadly products and the criminal producers thereof are either the patrons themselves of the produce or nothing less than the promoters of the industry.

These days in particular, when legislative hearings about graft and corrupt practices public officials are staged more really in aid of election than “in aid of legislation”, it is rather strange to note that no Senate hearings are yet seriously done about the disgusting practice of flourishing illegal drug trade in the Country. The truth of the matter is that practically all drug-related gross and flourishing anti-social misdeeds have their needed protection particularly from public officials usually in the local level. This is an open secret which the Senate itself - “in aid of legislation” - appears to be unconcerned and quiet about.

So it is that heinous crimes – most of which are deemed caused by drug intakes – continue not only to take place but also to increase in number and monstrosity. Neither few are the instances when deadly accidents happen on account of these and those individuals doing these and those daily chores precisely to earn a living – like drivers – and yet in fact cause the death of others, themselves included at times. So it is that it has become a practice to test individuals – who commit crimes, who cause accidents and the like – for drug in-take in conjunction with their deliberate or accidental misdeeds.

Needless to say, the illegal drug trade is now in effect the cause of many other illegal deeds or the fertile crime-multipliers origin of a multitude of abominable acts in the Philippine Scenery. This is not to say that the illegal drug is the one and only cause of the social woes and worries of law-abiding citizens in the Country. The truth of the matter is that greed, avarice, covetousness and other vicious liabilities appended to the persons of a good number of government officials bring about more than enough headaches on the part of ordinary law-abiding People of the Philippines. Add hereto the phenomenon of prosperous and prospering Philippine Drug Industry, Inc. and the Filipinos are really in for a lot of trouble.