Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Thus read the big, bold and impressive headline carried by a major daily last week. Judging from the many and different reactions of a good number of individuals expressed specially through practically all the local radio and TV stations, they can thus be categorized in three groups: One, many rejoiced at such a major interesting news. Two, there were those who doubted the sincerity and truth behind the unexpected announcement. Three, others said that in due time the announcement would be reversed primarily due to the intervention, pleading and influence of the well-identified KKK. In other words, to dance for joy by reason of the much-welcomed announcement might be too early to do.

In other words, people who are not altogether preoccupied with how to obtain and put some food in their empty stomachs day after day and can wherefore still afford to think and express their thoughts, in substance said one of the following: One, great! Two, really? Three, no problem. The first ones said in so many words “Wonderful! Good News! Mabuhay!” for one or more of the following reasons: One, there is enough poverty in the Country! Two, there is too much criminality specially in the cities! Three, there is the nauseating graft and corrupt practices in government all over the land! It has become truly hard to look for and find honest, trustworthy and competent public officials from the local to the national level of government.

It is not a secret that so much is expected when the still incumbent President for the first time took the center stage to take his Oath of Office. There was much rejoicing. There was loud clapping. There was great expectation. But thereafter, the actual performance is minimal. The dissatisfaction is progressively more in degree while the satisfaction rating is successively lesser. But now, some five years after, sad but true, people in general look down on him, signify their dissatisfaction with him – to the extent that there are now even groups of people from different sectors of society here and there who want him out of office right away, right now. Sad but true!

The bigwig thus concerned – irrespective of whether he leaves his office by 2016 as provided by the Constitution, or he eventually changes his mind to seek another term by virtue of an amended Constitution or he is evicted from the palace – cannot but have one big and disturbing question in mind. Will he be accused of any wrong doing? Will he eventually be convicted? Will he be placed in prison? He might want to remember what was done with his predecessor, what is she made to suffer, where is the same now.

Finally, it was reported by the same daily broadsheet that more than the person of the highest incumbent Official, the “right solution” would be to sustain the “PH economic growth”. What? That is something very strange indeed – considering that it was reported a day or two before that precisely, there were in fact more hungry Filipinos these days!

Self-deception is free but so pitiful.