Friday, November 14, 2014


So much public funds have gone to private pockets. So many witnesses spoke loud and clear. So many names were named, so many pieces of evidences were submitted. So long and numerous hearings were done. Tri-media had their heyday. The general public was amused and confused occasionally cheering and usually booing. Gross graft and corrupt practices by a good number of incumbent and former high ranking public officials were then exposed as the rule in government self-service. So sad yet so true.

The realities of the PDAF and DAP not to mention the SAROs were plainly revealed such that their mere mention has become obnoxious. In fact, even the elementary notion of such an elementary word “Savings” was unknown by supposedly highly acclaimed experts in financial matters, in financial management and financial appropriations. So it was that nothing less than the Supreme Court intervened and branded DAP as unconstitutional. And so it was that the term “Pork Barrel” became taboo all over the land – with the huge caricature of the “Porkish King” usually made as the centerpiece of one angry public rally after another.

It was phenomenal how the judicial authorities concerned showed their expertise and demonstrated their dedication to work. They gathered tons of available documentary pieces of evidence whenever and wherever they were obtainable. Thereafter, they assiduously identified the culprits one by one and brought them to court. The wheels of justice were made to roll. Three big, famous and really big fishes were identified and caught. They are now in small tanks – so to speak – repeatedly attempting to prove their innocence, to have some privileges and hopefully regain their freedom by likewise hopefully proving their innocence. After all, innocent they remain until proven guilty.

But what is so strange, so very strange, is that many first-hand witnesses came forward, affirmed the extravagant misappropriations and gross misuse of huge amount of public funds. Furthermore, they also formally named no less than nine incumbent and two former Senators as scammers. Yet, only but three of them – non-members of the now gloriously reigning Political Party – have been so far brought before the Court of Justice. Where are the rest? What is DOJ doing? Does partisan political affiliation again play a big part in the administration of justice? Are all pro-Administration public officials – even those in the Cabinet by personal and dear choice of Chief-in-Command – venerable saints after all? Are they in fact untouchable and wherefore above the Rule of law? Such is the big and living picture of “Selective Justice”.

In other words: What happened to the Napoles gross and odious scam revelations? Why is it that nothing is now heard and nothing is now done about the said extravagant misappropriations of public funds? Where have all the DOJ people gone? Why the deafening silence about the other high ranking and exalted personalities who are clearly and formally named as big Pork Barrel patrons? Will there be in the days ahead but a token re-opening of the Pork Barrel Opera – with but small fishes as dramatis personae? No.